Luke 14:28-30 Suppose one of you wants to build a tower. Will he not 1st sit down & estimate the cost to see if he has enough money to complete it? For if he lays the foundation & is not able to finish it, everyone will ridicule him saying, “This fellow began to build and was not able to finish.

The theme of my blog last week was trusting that God won’t leave you when He’s already brought you so far; when He’s given you an assignment to carry out, it is up to you to see it through to the end. Well, the scripture above is parallel with that post. So I guess it’s fair to assume, the topic is still on my heart.

People often times see the rewards of what others have been working on for a very long time (w/o always having knowledge of how long they’ve been working towards it) and start to question God about why this or that is not happening for them…in their faithfulness. Don’t be weary in your well-doing. God is never asleep at the wheel. He is never late. He is always on time. Trust and believe in what He has entrusted you will come to pass but you must remain steadfast and unmovable. Even if the vision has already come to fruition, and its not going the way YOU think it should be going; still remain obedient. This is definitely ministering to me right now as I have recently been contemplating a major decision with regard to my business. I can’t preach STEADFASTNESS to you all without 1st looking in the mirror to make sure I’m practicing what I preach.

I started the business with the sole intent of giving God glory. God approved it and together, we made it happen. Selah. But over time, I found myself looking at it like a burden. I even removed all my merchandise from the website and threw my hands up and said, “I’m tired. It’s too hard to run a business…to continue pressing forward with it.” Well, a couple days ago, I expressed my feelings to one of my sisters-in-Christ and she gave me a spiritual spanking, if you will. In a nutshell, she told me that the desire was there which built it and the cost was already paid. God gave me everything I needed to birth it, but I can’t stop now. I have to see it through to the end. If it’s not meant to work out, it won’t work, but quitting is not an option! I sure do praise God for my accountability partners. Lord knows I needed to hear that. So I’ve created a plan that I will implement for the business when I get back from Africa which will prayerfully help me run the business more efficiently. I have decided to do like the scripture stated above and FINISH IT!!

Allow me to encourage you today readers, that God is not through with you yet. He is working it out for you, behind the scenes…making sure you have all the equipment and resources available. It’s up to you to grab hold of what you’ve been praying for and view it as a blessing and not a curse. With everything in place for you, the only thing remaining is YOU…your follow through, your obedience, commitment, trust in God and faith. Don’t give up. Pray without ceasing and BELIEVE!

**Wednesdays w/ iNDIGO**

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5 Responses to WEARY BE GONE!!

  1. Shannan Braxton-Brown says:

    I am seriously in TEARS right now!! God really spoke thru you on time and in time….I really don’t have accountable partners! so that part I am working on. However thats the place I’m in right now as I type this….usually, im not a person to give up, but under appreciated and all….sleepless nights over the business etc….folk still are very judge mental 😦 and its very discouraging!

    • Indigo says:

      First of all, THANK YOU for reading and commenting Shannan. 2ndly, Glory TO GOD that this post spoke to you. Holy Spirit told me that my time within this topic was not over last week, so I’m blessing the Lord right now. I know what you mean. But it’s our DUTY to hang in there hun. God knows it gets rough, but He made us conquerors. It may take a lot of tears and 2nd guessing; but in the end, we must remain faithful to be a blessing. I’m so happy someone spoke sense over me and I’m so glad the post has ministered to you. ANytime u need to chat, I’m available. Seriously.

  2. Vivian Feggans says:

    Thanks for this post Joce. During her prayer of gratitude and to bless the occasion of The Gathering Place, elder Regina Langley thanked God for giving me the perseverance to “stick to it” [the prophetic assignment God lay into my hands] until the book was finished. Your reference to Luke 14: 28-30 is revelatory because it tells me that when I realized the task had been given to me to finish, I already knew inside that I could do it. It is only now that I read your selected text this truth was revealed to me! I love it! Praise God for connecting the dots!

  3. Vivian Feggans says:

    Oh, in other words, God would not have selected me for the job if he doubted that I could do it. Mind you who read this, in the book’s introduction I wrote, referring to how I felt when the woman who delivered the prophecy said it was for me to manifest: “In that moment, though I didn’t realize it, a piece of my destiny was affirmed. I struggled with myself, not knowing if this was something I would, or even could do.” Now that I have read Indigo’s passage from Luke, it has become clear that I knew it was something I could and would do all along! And with this I proclaim that prophecy is critical in the lives of those who are learning to know about the reach of God as relative to their destinies. God still pre-selects people to carry out his work, and no matter how weird it is interpreted to us, if we can see it and embrace it our lives become transformed along with those who we, in our obedience, bring along with us.

    • Indigo says:

      HALLELUJAH MOTHER DEAR!!! Your comments have said it ALL. I appreciate you continuing to read and comment. I love you. Thank you for “sticking to it”. Let’s continue growing in Him together.

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