You Feel Me?


I have been super emotional lately. From overly sad, to extremely angry, to overwhelmingly excited, to crazy elated. Now I know I could easily chalk this up to me simply being a woman who, like other women, sometimes get caught up in our feelings, however when I tried to put my feelings into perspective in a spiritual context I was not surprised to find that I am indeed a spitting image of my Father. When we look at God and all of the emotions that He portrays throughout the Bible, it is revealing how we are likely to behave given the fact that we are a reflection of HIM. I think one of the things that may distinguish the adopted sons and daughters of God from unbelievers is the extent to which we FEEL and DISPLAY our emotions. It’s actually quite nuanced, however it takes one to know one. It’s almost as if we FEEL the wide range of feelings 10x more than others do, yet we are able to control them and display them covertly (except to those closest to us of course).

I imagine it is the same with God our Father. If He created this feeling called joy, I can only imagine what that feels like to Him. Wow, what does God feel when He gets angry? If I know how I feel, I can’t imagine how God experiences wrath. Or even love. How does the creator of LOVE feel when He is in love? I know some of you are probably saying to yourselves “this girl is missing some marbles”. I guess my point in all of this is that when I go through the motions of life and begin FEELING a certain way, it is PERFECTLY ok for me to feel those things that are OF and FROM the one who made me. After all, my Father is a loving, passionate, sometimes angry, most times joyous, exciting, sometimes saddened, most times elated kind of Father, and if He can run the gamut of emotions so can I. You feel me?

I think how we choose to handle these feelings and how we express them is what counts most. We are to imitate Christ in everything we do including how we show our emotions. When you’re angry do you become super irrational and take it out on others or do you fuss with God and work through the anger, letting go of it before you lay down to sleep? When you are joyous do you go out to get wasted or pay it forward to others and praise God? When you are worried do you lose brain cells thinking of ways to remedy the situation or do you LET GO and LET GOD? When you are sad do you let it control your day and sulk in depression or do you talk with other Christians and fill up on the bread of Life, God’s word?

Food for thought I suppose,

_April Christina_

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1 Response to You Feel Me?

  1. T. H. says:

    Thank you for letting us into your private thoughts. Helps some of us alot.

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