Be Proactive. Not Inactive! =D

I’ve been very busy, as I’m sure Everyone is these days. But I’ve decided to be proactive not inactive. I found that when I initiate a task, instead of waiting to be given one, I’m more likely to get it done and out of the way. Procrastination is not commendable. I’ve recently been adopted by Marcus, the president of the Biology club I am a part of and his fiancé, Victoria, who is the club secretary. These seniors first began watching me when one of my professors, Dr. Bartlett, put me on to them. Dr. Bartlett teaches a class titled “Zoology” and it started out being “that” class of this semester. But I was determined to do well in his class, despite. Well, Marcus and Victoria told me that Dr. Bartlett, who is their mentor, told them I was someone with great potential and to watch me & get me connected. After that, they have since taken me under their wing & Victoria has been giving me real advice about the professors, who to take, who not to, things I need to know about classes & ones that will make me more appealing to PA schools. Both her & Marcus are applying to med school, Victoria to be a Neurosurgeon, Marcus a OD. (Dr. of Osteopathic Medicine). But they’re not all about the fuss of having titles. They’re quite humble. And very down to earth. Having seen their work ethics & how successful they are, I was inspired to be the same. This is where my theory that if you stay proactive, ahead of the game, you’re more likely to not fall behind.
I introduced my roommate, Kaitlyn, to Marcus and Victoria & she has been doing the same thing to improve too!
My mom & dad were right when they said, “You never know who’s watching you.” I never knew that the one professor who I was struggling to understand and complete work for would have seen my efforts so much & THEN, gave me a senior big sister and brother mentor/friend!
But just the same way that I want to be proactive with my classwork, I want to be that way for the kingdom too! There is no need to sit and wait for work; there is plenty to do where I am, this day and right now. Networks and connections are good to have, but even alone, there is much I can do. Like I said, procrastination is not commendable & it can be overwhelming to deal with build up. Sometimes you can just know what God would have us do. And when we don’t know, the thing to do is listen, and talk to Him & wait for Him patiently, even seek Godly advice from those fellow brothers and sisters he’s placed around us. And no, staying ahead of the game may not always be possible, sometimes it’s all we can do to just keep up. But I’d rather be a struggling hardworker than an easy-going lackadaisical one.

To the KING!!


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3 Responses to Be Proactive. Not Inactive! =D

  1. Mom Dukes says:

    Okay… (I cannot stop crying..) You are and have ALWAYS been more than a parent couild ever pray for in a child… Keep putting CHRIST first… and remember that you are marching in triumph in His name, so whatever He presents in your life will be conquered through Him who strengthens you… Love you…

  2. Indigo says:

    Claire, you’re amazing. God’s faithfulness shows in you. You inspire me. This short but sweet line is deeply profound, “Procrastination is not commendable.” Glad you’re learning this concept early in life. Blessings to you sis. Love u bunches. ~iNDIGO

  3. boldandfab says:

    Amen…….ENOUGH SAID!!!
    ~Big Sis~

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