Get On Your Grind Like Clockwork

I just want to thank God for being on one accord, because after deciding what I wanted to write about today, and then reading what my other fabulous sisters wrote this week, I know that today’s topic is the right one.

Everyday I wake up and think about my agenda for the day. I consider my priorities and begin working, almost as soon as I jump out of bed. By the end of my day, I am exhausted, and as I lay in bed talking with God about my day I usually end with something along the lines of “I hope I made you proud today”. Now, while this may sound sweet and touching, really God has begun asking me each day to be specific. What did I do throughout my day that would make God proud of me? What evidence can I cite? The sad reality is that while my daily career choice in and of itself is helping to change the world, there is SO MUCH MORE that I could be doing with my time. Which brought me to my revelation.

I wanna start a project. Something simple, and yet just enough to make God proud of how I’m using my time. I’m thinking maybe a coat drive for this holiday season. Yes, I am already committed to a billion and one things, but are all of those things worthy of the limited time I have here on earth? Are the things that I do with my time impacting the Kingdom in every way, shape, and form? I feel like with every day that passes, my time here is becoming less and less guaranteed. No I am not writing to be morbidly depressing, but I am simply being as real as His word is, which says in James 4:14 “…What is your life? You are a mist that appears for a little while and then vanishes.”  So here I am, ready to do MORE. If I am going to be tired, at least let it be because I helped to change a life and build the Kingdom. I want to live my life ON PURPOSE (check out Wednesday’s with Indigo).

How are you spending each second? What’s stopping you from starting a small project or giving back through community service? If you are capable and willing, allow God to use you. The key is being PROACTIVE not INACTIVE (see Claire’s blog from Monday).

Be Blessed and Get on Your Grind like Clockwork,

-April Christina

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