Proud Military Brat

As I graced the airport in Atlanta today, after an exhausting but amazing week of work, I saw two things that I have never seen in an airport. I thought I’d share them with you tonight, as I couldn’t help but to see God ALL UP IN these moments.

The first thing I saw as I waited to catch my flight home was a nice gentleman grazing the tiles in the food court holding up a sign that said “Airport Chapel, 11:30 Service”.  Now, I have been on over 15 flights in the last six few and never ONCE noticed a chapel in the airport. While I did not have the time to go the the service, I was super intrigued that had I wanted to, I could have gone to worship in the middle of Atlanta’s airport this morning. WOW. What did this speak to me? Well for one thing, to know that someone had the audacity to say we need a chapel in the airport and actually make that happen speaks volumes to me. The other thing is at this point there is absolutely no excuse anymore to NOT worship God anytime, any place. Who is BOLD enough to worship in public?

The other thing I saw today was af-

ter my plane landed. As I made my way through the gates towards the light rail, I heard a ringing of bells, enthusiastic cheering, and an extended round of applause. I turned the corner to see none other than some of our wonderful troops making their way into the gate after flying in from being overseas. They paraded in with heads held high and tears of joy & excitement as they met loved ones waiting for them in the gate. I’m not gonna lie, I stopped to stare and shed a few tears myself as I became so overwhelmed knowing how hard they have worked to maintain my freedom and how much they have probably missed their family and friends in the process. I also immediately thought about how this is probably the reception we will see when we celebrate our spiritual home going. I can just imagine seeing my family and friends waiting to greet me, with a ringing of bells and cheering from the angels. I can imagine my Father waiting there to welcome me and let me cry tears of joy on his shoulder as He hugs me tightly. The reception will be warm because like our troops, I will have worked to maintain awareness of salvation and the Gospel. Won’t it be a glorious day?

Thank you to the troops who fight for me, both physically and spiritually. I am a PROUD MILITARY BRAT.

-Be Blessed

_April Christina_

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