This Thing Called Fear

A friend who suffered a long period of unemployment was left in financial ruin by the time he found work. Although he found part time work here and there, it took two years before he found a full time job. It doesn’t pay much, but he is making progress—paying on delinquent bills and trying hard to keep current ones caught up.

During the fray of the unemployment, when even the unemployment checks stopped coming, he experienced some of his darkest days, but kept praying. The presence of the Holy Spirit reiterated to him the goodness of God through scriptural readings, gospel music, inspirational dailies, but more importantly, through faith, that everything would work out. Since he had literally nothing else to expect anything from he was forced to hold on in faith to the promises of God. He hunkered down and anchored himself in faith, and God moved on his behalf in a mighty way.

I mentioned above that he was paying on delinquent bills . . . there was no way he could have paid them in full. Well, one of those delinquent obligations happened to be rent payments, which grew farther and farther behind—four months to be precise. Now let’s think about that for a moment: who, other than God would cause the landlord to allow him to miss four months of rent payments and not serve an order of eviction against him? He told the landlord his situation and it was accepted and understood. In faith my friend cried out to God; placing his face continually before him. Practicing faith launched a network of good news that God delivered into the ear of the landlord and it fell on his heart with a firmness that was at once gentle, kind of like the kneading of dough. I’m reminded of Hebrews 11:1 that states, “Now faith is being sure of what we hope for and certain of what we do not see.” Therefore, the landlord was compelled to help him. 

But as more time passed by with no payment, naturally, the Landlord had questions as to the progress of the situation. My friend decided to contact his landlord Monday morning to tell him what he was going through—that the length of unemployment had placed so many things into a financial void, the relatively low salary he now earned just couldn’t take care of everything. He was able to work out an arrangement that the landlord could tolerate and still leave him with enough money to at least pay something toward utilities, which were also delinquent, and for food. I was glad he responded to the landlord when he did.

Throughout the word of God is stated that fear is not of God, or, to “fear not.” It is a frenzied state of mind where Satan does his best work! He works on us through fear, while God works for us through our faith in him. During this difficult period in his life, my friend often referenced the biblical accounting of Job’s life. Although Job was righteous and would speak no ills against God, fear gave way for Satan to get working in Job’s life. He was afraid that God would not take care of him.

My friend realized that since he’d began working again, some of his previous dependence on God was now on the assurance of receiving regular checks. When he started to slip behind in his rent again, the old cycle of fear started over again. He now realizes that in order to stay one step ahead of the enemy, he must be vigilant about his walk of faith.

For any one of us on the journey to enlarge our spiritual lives by walking in faith–it is not something we can vacillate about. This concept we casually refer to as faith, in order for our lives to be transformed by it, cannot be turned on and off. It’s not like the assurance you get when your favorite television series goes off just at the crux of a major conflict, and we are told to “stay tuned” to see what will happen the next time. We must constantly be tuned-in to faith in order for it to transform our lives and move us closer toward who we truly are in God.

Guest Blogger, VIVIAN FEGGANS 

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