Wearing My Heart On My Sleeve Pt. 1

Its been a while but lets get to it, eh?

So tonight I attended a dinner party with one of my former colleagues and her friends from far places. The intimate group of guests were well educated, well read, and well travelled; of a certain elite that at first made me a bit nervous. As I mingled and made light conversation, I realized that I was holding back in allowing myself to be, well, ME. As the night wore on, I became a bit more free in my delivery of perspective as we discussed topics in the sciences and historical accounts of Roman Catholicism, and as I slowly gained confidence in my input I began to realize that I could hold my own in every aspect with each accredited individual.

At the end of the night as I was leaving, one of the nice young men that I spent some time speaking with told me that he thought I was incredible, and that he had never met anyone so passionate about education and someone who had so much promise and purpose. Now this young man was 1. not trying to “get at me” (he spoke very candidly and lovingly of his significant other) and 2. not speaking on a spiritual tip, which meant that much more to me. His statement made me realize the significance of being who God called us to be AT ALL TIMES. We should wear our passion and purpose on our sleeves, so much so that others don’t have a choice but to notice something different about us. 

Think of how many souls we could win if we just lived and breathed God. Imagine how many people would taste and see His Goodness if only we reflected how good HE really is. The way I speak, act, think, respond, reflect, analyze, and impact should be a direct correlation to the relationship I have with my creator, period. Our actions are reflections of our principles. 

Be blessed,

_April Christina_

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