Worth the Wait…

There are not many words that can describe the feelings I had on New Year’s Day 2012. For those that may not have heard, I got engaged!! On that day I truly felt like God’s favorite!!! Absolute best day of my life thus far! The past few days I’ve reflected on how we both got to this point in our lives. The point where we trust each other wholeheartedly, love each other unconditionally, and openly display it unapologetically.

Over the years that we were apart, we grew as people. We had our own experiences, explored our talents, pursued our passions and realized that sharing it with each other would be the most rewarding adventure ever but our tour guide this time around???…God Almighty.

I can’t say that God was at the center of our relationship back in the day. I can’t say that I loved Him more than anything. I can’t even say that my lifestyle lined up with His Word. But God… saw me through the hurt, worked on my heart, introduced me to His love and now I can say that there is no love greater! He’s the reason that I made it to this point in my life. He’s the reason that I’m blessed with such an awesome man who gave me his heart for a lifetime. He’s the reason that I’m marrying my “purpose-partner” in April 2013 and for that He deserves all the honor and all the glory!!

Take it from someone who has experienced first hand the awesome reward of living life according to His Word… get to know the plan and purpose that God has for your
life, learn the insurmountable love that He has for you despite all your mess, STOP GIVING DISCOUNTS, and watch how He will unfold the perfect plan right before your eyes and give you the desires of your heart.

Let’s live right in 2012!!! God is here!






Be Bold,

Be Fabulous,

Be YOU!!

It’s Tuesday with Bianca

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13 Responses to Worth the Wait…

  1. T. H. says:

    Congrats Bianca.

  2. Tenishia says:

    Straight to the point, true words spoken, very inspiring!!! Thanks for sharing.. And continued blessings on your relationship!! 😉

  3. I must have done something very right in my life to get you!

  4. Michelle says:

    Congratulations B…your future husband has truly been blessed with a very special gift…

  5. guyvard says:

    Congrat to you guys love is in the air…..

  6. Indigo says:

    This blog brought tears to my eyes. You ARE worth the wait homie. I’m so stoked for you and love you very much.

  7. missify says:

    Definitely praying for every good and perfect thing that comes towards your union. God bless you both sis.

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