I want to give God all the honor and praise for His miraculous workings in my life. It’s truly a blessing to be able to see how things that happen in your life can only happen as a result of God’s doing, but it’s another blessing to be able to tell others about just WHAT He has done in my life.

After the semester break and when grades began rolling in, I was feeling somewhat discouraged because I did not make all A’s, nor did I make the Dean’s List this semester. And it was hard because after seeing what all my effort went to towards my grades, I was nearly bombarded with other friends’ proud boasts of how they had made all A’s and the Dean’s List. I was very down about it because after trying so hard and doing so much work, when you come up shorter than what you were aiming for, disappointment can set in.

But as my mom and dad and other family encouraged me, I began to see things a little differently. I also then noticed that the ones who were boasting of their excellent grades were Not science majors. And that’s not to say that those who major in an art or language can’t be proud of making all A’s. But sometimes the course load and what’s required of a student is greater and of a higher demand coming from a 4-credit class professor as opposed to a 3-credit class professor. That’s why there’s a credit difference.

So I was overwhelmed with great delight and joy when upon arriving to campus for another invigorating semester, I found in my email a note. It was from someone I have never heard of, nor know of and it simply stated that because of my academic attitude, and the grades that I DO have (though not Dean’s List qualified THIS SEMESTER), I had been nominated as a candidate for Campbell’s Peer Mentoring program.

The privilege is great. The opportunity is honorable and the timing is all God.



I don’t even know who threw my name in the hat for such a selection, but I know that God placed me on their heart and I thank Him so much for that person and also for them listening to His beckoning and putting my name in for nomination. The rest is up to me to apply and interview, etc. etc. But that day was something SO GREAT to me I couldn’t contain my excitement!

This is only one of soooo many things that God has done for me and it’s the perfect example of how I can plainly see Him moving in my life. Not all blessings are in disguise, but whether they are or not, ALL the praise and glory goes to my Father for this wonderful opportunity to help new freshman with their first steps as a student at school. But it’s also a GREAT opportunity for me to shine for Him with someone who potentially may not know Him, or may not even have heard of Him!!


“How beautiful on the mountains are the feet of those who bring good news, who proclaim peace, who bring good tidings, who proclaim salvation, who say to Zion, ‘Your God reigns!'” Isaiah 52:7


To the KING!!!


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1 Response to LOOK WHAT HE HAS DONE!

  1. missify says:

    Claire, first let me say “congratulations!” and second, that I am not surprised 🙂 Your positive presence and attitude is to be commended; and as you wrap up another year in college, how blessed are those freshmen to come across a light as bright as yours! This is so God! He transformed a personal goal and accomplishment into serving others!

    Happy for you sis!

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