But God.

While I was away in Tallahassee this week, I must say I enjoyed every second of my visit. I met some of the most amazing college students whose minds were made up that a life in service is where they wanted to be. Convincing students that teaching should be the next step in their life was easy, mostly because of their selfless attitudes learned from selfless characters around them.

I did meet one gentleman who wasn’t so optimistic however, who will serve as the subject for today’s blog.

As I waited in the small room for my session to start, a very southern sir poked his head in the door to say hello. He introduced himself and immediately dives into a conversation that I didn’t expect to have. His initial comment is on the state of education and what he believes to be the major issues of our time. Ok. I’m with him.

He then remarks that he used to be an “inner city teacher” who decided he didn’t wan’t to do it anymore and gave it up for good a few years ago. He explains that he did not feel respected and that “those kids and those parents” just didn’t care. Um. Hold up. “Those kids” are my kids. Kids who DO care and kids who DESERVE the best educators. So the entire time he speaks I am quiet because there really isn’t any room to enter my opinion. To put the icing on this cake, he says to me as if helping me, “I used to be just like you. Bright-eyed and wanting to save the world. But you can’t. Just won’t happen.”

I politely smiled and simply responded with “I can only do God’s will. I know the call on my life and won’t ever quit. Period.”

He gave me a doubtful look, shrugged, and nodded in his exit. While most others would have been discouraged from the route of this conversation, I definitely left feeling even more empowered than I did before. I know he is not the first nor is he the last person to tell me I can’t change the world and that I should settle for small wins…BUT GOD!!!!!!

In case you didn’t know, the God I serve is the begining and the end. He is THE CREATOR. He is “I AM”. He simply IS. When you have fully internalized this (which I’m not sure if we humans can ever really “get it”) you understand that what you were called to do WILL come to fruition. Even if that call is greater than what others see or believe. The call on your life is GREAT because God only operates in GREATNESS. Have a GREAT week.

Be Blessed,
April Christina

Go Ravens!

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