Train…without the Soul

I remember sitting by my family’s 13-inch TV with my clunky Panasonic recording machine and my cassette tape, trying to record as many songs as I could off Soul Train.  Don Cornelius was like the uncle everyone wanted: great shades, pressed suit, deep voice…and a whole lotta FUNK!  He seemed to never age–but no one paid no mind to that anyways.  We all watched for the latest dance moves, songs, and of course the Soul Train Scramble Board.  So needless to say, the news of Don (Juan) Cornelius passing…was a little too abrupt for me.

The facts came all too quickly.  First, it was “he’s dead.”  Then, it was “he died from suicide.”  And then, that he was suffering from depression.  I had to take a pause…because it always amazes me how people who live to make us feel so warm and loved…often feel so alone and isolated.

I do not know what his whole story is.  Perhaps no one will.  And while this may not be the preachiest piece I have written on B&F, I just simply want to say this:  God created YOU to be a specially-craft Train of blessings.  Anyone can replicate, but not every one has the SOUL of YOU!  Doubt and fear are tools of the enemy to wipe your soul out!  I do not know who I am talking to, but know that you are valued, even when you do not feel it.  And if you have to reposition yourself to feel that value…MOVE!!!

Someone is waiting to board your train!  Your soul is exactly why Jesus gave His life.  He endured torture and crucifixion…the least you can do, is LIVE.  I promise, there is a purpose for your fight!


My heart and condolences go to the family of Mr. Cornelius, and anyone else who can relate to this tragedy.





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1 Response to Train…without the Soul

  1. Ify, this is a powerful post. It is short but poignant and to the point. I thank you for this message!

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