Today, I am compelled to blog about being careful with assumptions and presumptions regarding the faithfulness of other believers. So many times I’ve heard people compare their Christian walk with the walks of others. If they don’t speak how you speak, praise how you praise, attend when you attend, or minister where you minister, so often, you’re not considered the same caliber of Christian as they are. This is not a biblical premise, but one that has come from misinformation, stubbornness, and pride within the body.
John 10:16 — Jesus said, “I have other sheep that are not of this sheep pen. I must bring them also. They too will listen to my voice, and there shall be one flock and one shepherd. This verse really comforted me with regards to this subject. I will not know or be in a position to be friends with every person that God calls for His glory. In the same token, often times we absolutely know someone but choose not to befriend them because their method(s) of practicing their faith is different from ours.
Go into the word for a moment to grab examples; Rahab was a prostitute; Peter denied Christ; and Moses killed a man. You may think twice about engaging those with these types/former types, but why? Why do we so easily place our wickedness and sin nature above others and become so prideful in separating ourselves from them in order to be better Christians? I’m so happy that God chose to love me unconditional as I was at my worst. I’m equally glad that he chooses to continue loving me mercifully as I strive towards holiness, getting bumped and bruised along the way.
We must love others as they are within the faith. We must respect their approach, even if it’s not ours because we all are walking in our own way the best we know how, by the grace of God! We have to love our fellow Christians beyond what we wish their lives to look like. I don’t have all the answers…neither do you. We must pray to God that he helps us to see our fellow man as Christ saw us. That approach should make the effort much easier to respect, appreciate, and accept people for who they are. If we see them falling short in their effort, it is our duty to pray and not attempt to condemn.
Walk out your personal salvation and allow others to do the same. Love people but don’t meddle in their personal walks with Christ. Just like you had to find and follow Him in your own way and time, trust God that He will make that happen for them as well. Continue loving and praying in the meantime and be sure to check yourself along the way.
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2 Responses to MY WAY OR THE HIGHWAY!!

  1. Faith Kibiku says:

    Amazing, inspiring, thought provoking and blessed to have read it. Be blessed 😉

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