Encouragement for Today

I just wanted to remind and encourage anyone who is going through tough times and having stressful days everyday, that in the midst of all that’s going on in life, God still deserves praise. He is still God, still in control and still deserving of gratefulness and thanksgiving. After all, in the midst of being beaten and bruised and spit on and mocked and tortured and then crucified, Christ STILL loved us. So whenever the day seems to be as bad as ever, and nothing seems like it goes right, remember that there is a love that’s greater than ANYTHING imaginable & that Christ went through so much more out of genuine love.

You can’t always see the sun because sometimes it’s covered by the clouds, but just because you can’t see it, that doesn’t mean it’s not there. There is nothing greater than a love like that of the King and a Father who is always all-powerful and all-knowing. He knows everything about everything you’re going through. Call to Him, Lean on Him, Listen to Him and take comfort and refuge in His arms.

To the KING!!


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