I posted a comment on Facebook recently, “I’m just an ordinary chick w/ an AMAZING & INFINITE Savior!!!” I believe that we are all ordinary and sometimes each of us are placed in positions to do extraordinary things. I believe if our ordinary acts can serve God, we are beyond extraordinary. 
Have you ever done what you consider a simple thing for someone, but you could tell it blessed them beyond measure? We often forget that there is a thin line between ordinary and extraordinary because ordinary is a relative term. It is not something that carries the same meaning for everyone. So many times, we recognize inspiration through massive media campaigns, celebrities, and artists, but we don’t always easily recognize that same inspiration in the simple and ordinary. Think about it: That babysitter who continued keeping your kid even when you were behind on your payments. That person who consistently spends time with the sick & shut-in…related or not! That person who calls periodically and randomly just to give you a word of encouragement or to pray with you JUST BECAUSE!!  That person who uses all their free time to continue rallying for a noble cause. That landlord who gave you a longer GRACE PERIOD when they didn’t have to. That person who gives you $50 to buy one of your $10 CDs just to sow into you and your ministry. The list can go on. These are not the stories that necessarily make the news b/c the world views them as ordinary. But the impact these types of acts make on many of our lives is anything but ordinary!!
1Corinthians 12:4 states: Now there are diversities of gifts, but the same Spirit.
God is no respecter of persons. We must thank God at all times for sending us HELP at our times of need. As you make your day to day, ORDINARY strides to serve God & give Him glory with your life, you are an extension of God’s mercy. How beautiful is that? I love my God. 
Today, make a conscious effort to simply give of yourself, regardless of the advertisement or fan fare. Give of yourself from your heart, no matter how SMALL & ORDINARY you may think it is. You may be surprised at how BIG of a blessing you can be when you have a pure motive to serve God.
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