Tylenol Believer

I’ve been in Vegas for the last week enjoying the company of my sister and 3 year old nephew who have made a home here for the last 6 years. With all of the kisses I exchanged with the baby came a nice virus that is likely responsible for the nasty cold I’m fighting through as I type. 😦 BLAH!

At first, I thought I could conquer the cold with good old fashioned remedies. So for my sore throat, I made hot tea. For my headache, a cold rag. And for my stuffy/runny nose, soft tissues. After a long and painful night of tossing and turning, and after waking up to a fever, I decided to give in and take some medicine. All hail Tylenol Cold and Flu Citrus. I took the first round at 1pm, the second dose at 5, and the last at 9 and let me just say I am feeling 10x better.


This got me thinking about the God I serve. In some religions, there are gods for every and any purpose. I used to love learning about the Roman gods, one for war, one for intelligence and wisdom, and one even for fertility. I recall talking to a co-worker and hearing about all of the gods and goddesses in Hinduism. In each case, there are specific gods that one would go to for different requests. So if I needed help with finances I would pray to the god of prosperity. If I needed something in the area of love I would pray the the god of love. In my mind, this kind of life jus doesn’t seem feasible or even reliable; which is why I am SO THANKFUL I serve the God of all gods who takes care of EVERY  request I could ever have in this lifetime, much like the tylenol I took for my cold.

In Exodus 3:14 where God proclaims “I am who I am”, I know that the God I serve is an ALL PURPOSE God. One who can and WILL take care of every concern that I could ever raise. There are no limits to the things my God can do and this is the comfort I have each day I live. If there is anything you find yourself concerned with, please know God can handle it. A dose of God can cure every symptom. Believe in God like you believe in Tylenol. Go ahead, taste and see.

Be Blessed,

April Christina and Marlon

P.S. Happy Birthday Rod


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