For All My Queen Bey’s


This weekend I had the pleasure of going to see Beyonce live in concert in Atlantic City. My wonderful best friend surprised me with tickets as a late birthday present, so we made it into a short family vacation (Jen, my bff, her parents and another high school friend).

This entire experience is something I knew I had to share with the B&F readers, so follow me if you will.

First of all this concert was Bey’s first one back since her pregnancy about a year ago. In literally just a few short hours of tickets going on sale, all four of her shows were sold out. Thousands of fans paid anywhere from $200 to well over $1,500 all to see one woman perform a set of about 20 songs. Wow.

Fast forward to the venue where her concert was; The Revel is a brand new hotel and casino that made its world premiere and grand opening this weekend with Beyonce as the headline. The hotel was absolutely breathtaking with gold and diamond chandeliers, marble floors, glass windows, sleek and chic interior, a dj in the lobby, the works. Literally a place built with kings and queens in mind.

Now I might seem a little dramatic in my descriptions 1. Because I am biased as I have loved Beyonce since she was with Destiny’s Child and 2. It was my first concert ever, but honestly Bey’s show was an amazing experience. The lighting, her song choice, the dancers, everything was simply perfect. I’m not gonna lie, I was so overwhelmed when she took the stage that I cried lol. To see that one woman could bring so many different people together (including the first family, YES Michelle and the girls were in attendance) was an incredible thing. She is, hands down, one gifted woman. Truly one of a kind.

So what’s the spiritual piece of this you ask? Well, after the night was over I was left paralyzed in thought by the significance and depth one person can have in this lifetime. I have never fully understood the verse that tells us we were made in our Father’s image until this weekend. Everything we are.. Every fiber of our being is From and OF God. He knew us in our mother’s womb and literally took what was in Him and put it inside us. Everyone is talented and gifted in one way or another because we were authored by the creator of creativity. If God isthe great I Am, and if I was created in His image, then deductive reasoning concludes that I am the Great I am too.

The question then becomes who will we serve with the gifts He put inside of us? How will I discover and use the greatness I am? I have always been in awe at the bold and fabulous confidence that Beyonce has and because she is so daring, I have been daring. But when I put it all into perspective, I realize that I am a product of the Father of boldness, so why NOT be confident?

I left the concert on a high, feeling like I could do anything, wear anything, and be anything I wanted to be, as cliched as it sounds; but then I remembered that before Bey, there was Jesus. Because of my Savior I can and WILL be bold and fabulous. While I may not ever sell out four shows at the Revel, I know that I will always be sold out for Christ. I don’t yet know the depth of my Greatness, but if it’s anything close to my Father’s greatness then I shall surely leave this world having made an impact in this lifetime.

Be bold and fabulous family,
April Christina


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2 Responses to For All My Queen Bey’s

  1. Bianca says:

    Awesome post April… ~ Bianca

  2. New reader says:

    What a great way to discuss the gifts we’ve all been given from God! Excellent piece…and I love Beyonce!!!! lol

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