When The Power Is Out

As I lay typing this on my iPhone using the very little battery I have left, I am exhausted from being stuck in a place for two and a half days with no power which inevitably means no central air on a 100 degree day. My brother and I sit, not making any moves as to exert the least amount of energy as possible and even still, we’re hot.

Sound familiar? If you’re in the DMV, then you may be able to feel me right now.

According to our gas and electric company, it may be another few days before the power is back on after Friday’s storm knocked out about 600,000 residents’ power. So until then we have no choice but to just wait it out. And THAT, ladies and gentlemen, is my queue.

In the midst of your hell, sometimes all you can do is wait. In the meantime, consider it a necessity to count your blessings. My brother and I are alive and well despite the fact that we have virtually no where to go while the power is out and its 97 degrees inside my apartment. We have food, we have water, our senses and limbs are in perfect order, and we are ok. God IS and will forever be a GREAT God. I vow never to complain when I know things could be worse. It’s insulting to God and I refuse to do it. I may be down, but I am definitely not out for the count. Waiting on God is a privilege and even in a tough time like this, I’ll wait as long as I have to, to see God’s glory. Short and sweet: He didn’t forget about you so remember when the power is out, the ultimate source is always ON.

Stay cool and be blessed,
-April Christina


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