Quiet time. Solace. Meditation… When is the last time you made yourself SHUT UP? *laughing but serious*
In preparing for my upcoming family reunion (this weekend), I have quite a few tasks to undertake as part of the reunion’s Logistics Committee. Up ’til yesterday, I must admit, I was feeling so overwhelmed. Although I was making time to read the Word and to pray, I realized that all the things I was working on was literally still on around me. The video project I’m editing for the reunion was steadily playing as I was reading my word. The TV was on as I was praying. My phone was ringing and I was answering texts as I was working on something completely unrelated to those text. My husband was having a conversation with me as I was responding to e-mails. Man…there was just SO MUCH GOING ON around me. My head was aching. My ears were ringing. And then I heard a whisper through it all that spoke, “When will you get quiet?
Why do we think we can do it all & not be distracted? Why do we think we can get the benefit of a fulfilled life in Christ w/o even giving Him our undivided attention? I honestly believe some of us prefer the noise b/c then we feel released from the responsibility of hearing the truth God is trying to speak to us. Yes indeed…it could very well be that deep! Listen, I’m no superwoman. I know full well that as strong as I am, even I need time to just turn everything off around me and LISTEN to what Holy Spirit is speaking. I’m not even exclusively referring to praying. Yes, even Jesus got up and went out to an ISOLATED PLACE to pray (Mark 1:35); but I’m referring to making A PEACEFUL ATMOSPHERE as a REQUIREMENT in our lives. That peace will create less stress in our lives. That peace will allow us to stay centered and it’s so much easier to HEAR Holy Spirit when you are QUIET!!!!
Psalm 131:2 says, I have calmed and quieted my soul. Isn’t that a beautiful verse? Calm & quiet YOUR SOUL! Be free from chaos. Embrace reconnecting with your place of peace b/c trust me when I say, everything else is simply NOISE!!!!
Love yourself enough to get quiet and get connected (or reconnected), in the name of Jesus.
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  1. Bianca says:

    Love this! … oh so true.

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