The first day of the 2012 Presidential debate was exactly what I thought it would be. Both candidates repeating the same things we have continued to hear throughout their campaign, via their commercials and other outlets. The big question now is WHO WON THE 1ST NIGHT OF DEBATES? Some media says that Romney seemed stronger…more aggressive. Others said that Obama kept his composure and stayed calm in his point-making.The bottom line is that you have two mortal, humans both fighting tooth and nail to secure the same position that neither of them is FULLY EQUIPPED to carry out; so we make our choice to vote based on what?
Some vote based off our religion…saying they’re Christians so they choose to vote for the one who seems to be less “sinful” (according to their finite sensibilities). Some vote based off what policies Romney & the President stand behind. Some vote based of who chooses which taxes to cut and for whom. Others vote based off things they’ve heard about second hand and have done no actual research of their own. No matter who you choose to vote for, remind yourself of this: Neither the President nor Romney are Jesus!
Regardless of which guy can “balance the budget”, God is the only one who can balance our lives and actually make a way out of no way. He is a Doctor…our healer, regardless of Romney’s healthcare option or Obamacare. If we truly believe this, why is there so much angst among us believers who are choosing opposing candidates? Why is there so much tension and hatefulness coming from Christians towards one another. Why the divide? Why the friction in friendships & families? I tell you why. Because we are fleshing-out. We are forgetting that we are not to hold carnal things in such regard. We are neglecting the facts of the Gospel based on how passionately we FEEL about this election. Not only is that not right, it’s not Christ-like.
If you see the election as a spiritual matter, you have the right to your opinion. But I do not agree with this view. God’s will is going to be done regardless of who is in office. Hypocrisy and disagreement in government is nothing new. There was politics in biblical times. A proverbial popularity contest laced with hatred, got Jesus voted to be crucified!! But remember, if your eyes are fixed on God, you ultimately know that no matter who “wins” the election this year, that Christ is the true leader of this country and the entire world. How you choose to live your personal life…your moral compass, is not based on government, but a decision based on WHAT/WHO YOU choose to BELIEVE. I stand for Christ!! He is the ultimate leader who I will ALWAYS follow. You and I NEED HIM and so do Obama and Romney. Just like these candidates are relying on our votes to propel them, Jesus is relying on us to stand for him no matter who is President of the United States because He is the risen Lord and savior.
The moral of this blog… VOTE. Why? Because it’s your right. But never lose sight of the fact that both of these men are sinners who need God’s grace just like the next person and neither of them have ALL THE ANSWERS with regards to running the country 100% perfectly. That’s impossible because only God has those answers. Lastly, stop playing war of the words with your brethren b/c of this election. You’re willing to lose friendships because they disagree with you on which sinner they will vote for? Are you kidding me?? God is not pleased. Check yourself. It’s never too late to repent for being foolish. Don’t give an election or ANYTHING CARNAL that much power. Not Godly. Not cool.
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