For the past two weeks, I have been diligently working out. I took it a step further and actually enlisted the services of a Physical Trainer to help me push my physical limits. I must admit, I’ve never been so sore. I feel like I was in a head-on collision or was jumped by an angry mob. But I know this is simply part of the process of my body adjusting to something new.

     For almost an entire year, I have been on a healthy-eating kick. Sure, I allow myself cheat days where I indulge in soda, cupcakes, & a fatty meal from one of my favorite restaurants. But overall, I’ve been pretty consistent in my endeavor. I even successfully tackled The Shred Diet between October and November. Never in my life have I been as conscious of what I allow into my body as I was in 2013. However, even with all my progress, I still felt frustrated with what I saw in the mirror. My body on the outside was not matching the way I was feeling on the inside. Don’t get me wrong…I’m not talking from an obsessive, vanity-driven, or eating disorder standpoint; I’m talking…why is the better thing I’m doing not producing better results? As my doctor told me, “Welcome to the world of a slowing down metabolism. It’s not the end of the world, but it is the end of the world as you know it.

     You see, I’VE BEEN THIN MY WHOLE LIFE. Never tried to be…never worked out…never cared really. It just was my reality. From the time I was 18 until as recent as the early part of 2013 at 38, I was pretty much the same size…give or take 5-lbs.Image

I was known for waking up at 3am to scarf down leftover pizza, Soft Batch chocolate chip cookies with a couple cans of Dr. Pepper, and then roll over and go back to sleep. It was regular practice…ask my Husband!!! No matter what I ate or when, I would keep the same tight body. No lie!! It’s all I knew. So when I got to mid-2013 and noticed I couldn’t fit in the jeans I’ve been wearing for the past 10-years and the flat, stomach w/ the definition disappeared; I just had a hard time understanding what was going on.Image

I mean, I had started eating right earlier in the year but other than that, I didn’t change anything, so why was my body changing? Any time I’d voice my feelings to someone, they would shut me down and make me feel like I was imagining things…as if the scale is lying to me by showing that I’m 20-lbs heavier than I was just months prior. “You’re not fat so why are you trippin’?” {As if there is a universal weight limit to reach before you can be compelled to lose it, lol} “I don’t understand why people who look like you obsess about weight.” “You’re almost forty and look thirty. You should be grateful.”

     At my physical exam in October, my doctor told me, “You need to start exercising. You’re in great overall health…you’re eating well, but you have a history of Cancer, Heart Disease, and Hypertension in your family. This weight gain is your body’s way of telling you it’s time to start going the extra mile.” I was dumbfounded. I mean, I had no idea of where to begin. We’ve had an elliptical machine for years that I never used. I started using that at home regularly. Although I wasn’t gaining anymore weight, I wasn’t losing it either. I felt stuck in this new body that just forced itself on me and looked like it was here to stay. I was becoming increasingly annoyed with myself and quite honestly, discouraged. Call it vanity or whatever you want but sorry, I wasn’t liking the conversation I was having with myself about doing a complete closet overhaul…donating all of my clothes and purchasing new ones, but at the same time, I couldn’t fit not a ONE of my old pairs of jeans and started wearing all leggings and sweatpants. All my cute fitted shirts were being passed over for sweatshirts and baggy tees, in lieu of my new junk-in-the- front.

     In my study time with God after Christmas, God spoke to me very clearly regarding my view on spiritual matters and how the same theories apply to other areas in my life…including my weight. As He spoke, I perused more and more related scripture and just started jotting down points.

1) Just as praying isn’t enough by itself, to effect a noticeable increase in your faith walk, healthy eating habits & an occasional bump on the elliptical machine isn’t enough to effect a noticeable decrease in your weight.

2) Are you All-In on Sundays at church…just like you’re All-In on that one day at the gym, but the rest of the week, you are doing, eating, listening to, or focused on the same crap as before?

3) Are you applying the knowledge of the Word to your daily life in order to see the difference you seek? Likewise, are you implementing new strategies into your daily physical regimen or expecting the same things to get you new results?

Granted, change is not necessarily a negative. How you perceive change has a lot to do with your mindset. The Bible says, ‘anything that isn’t growing, is dead’. We are not meant to look twenty years old our entire lives. We are growing…not dead; so we change. But how proactive we are about staying healthy in our physical bodies is a personal choice. It doesn’t necessarily make you shallow because you want to stay your healthiest and look/feel your best in this body God put you here in. Don’t let anyone make you feel guilty if your desire is to keep it tight!

Hiring a trainer was not a decision I came to easily. Personal trainers (good ones) are not cheap. They get paid well to train well and it is a lifestyle for them also.  I’m thankful that my husband saw fit to include it into our household budget for a while. He saw how much my personal fitness goals meant to me and whether he has to work extra hours or cut back on getting a new outfit every couple weeks, he made it happen for me. His only request was for me to stay committed no matter how hard it may get. So here I am…All-In!!!

     The same goes for our faith. There is commitment to this Christian walk. There will be struggles. There will be times you may have to sacrifice something for the greater goal. There may be times you don’t feel like you are growing and progressing in the faith like you should and that you will have to come up higher…do more, to see the desired result. Just like I needed an extra push physically to get jump started with my fitness, you may even have to call on prayer warriors, accountability partners, and the like, to help get you on track with your faith walk. There is no shame in assistance. As long as you’re being edified so God can be glorified…you’re on the right track. Do what you have to do to get where you know you need to be. In Jesus’ name!

2Timothy 3:16-17All scripture is breathed out by God and profitable for teaching, for reproof, for correction, and for training in righteousness, that the man of God may be competent, equipped for every good work.


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3 Responses to KEEP IT TIGHT, ALRIGHT?

  1. This is crazy! I’m on 21 day fast from social media, television, and radio. Since food isn’t my vice and I could take it or leave it on any given day, I decided to not change up my routine with that. The only thing I omitted was caffeine and juice. So only water for me until the 25th! Anywho, during this time God has been on me about my passion for things. I’ve never truly been passionate about anything outside of family. God is speaking to me daily about committing to being passionate about the vision he’s given me and not to lay dormant any longer! This was so on time sis and even more confirmation!!

    PS. You are absolutely gorgeous by the way!! 🙂 Love ya!

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