ImageWith thousands of cars gridlocked, thousands of drivers stranded…forced to sleep in their cars, leave their children stuck at school overnight, or made to take the trek to walk to the closest shelter they could find; the light two -to- four inches of snow the city of Atlanta got yesterday, glazed over, turned into black ice and has paralyzed some parts of the city since.  I must admit, my interest started out very personal because my brother & his wife reside there and I was immediately concerned for them and their safety. Thank God, they were both home instead of out and about. Even up until this afternoon, I have seen reports of people still stranded or trying to find a way home because they slept in a grocery store all night after leaving their cars on the highway. So far, reports have indicated 950 accidents and 125 injuries…thank God, no deaths reported.

     As I’ve been looking at the news, I keep hearing, “Why wasn’t the city more prepared?” “Why be reactive when you can be proactive?” “Is the Mayor of the city to blame?” “What could the Governor of the state have done differently?” I reached out to my brother’s sister-in-law, an Atlanta area resident, to get her feedback: “If you watch the news, you knew the storm was coming. Yes the forecast was accurate; however, they are not always accurate so some people didn’t think that it would be as bad as they predicted. I do not believe that city and state officials prepared for how bad it really turned out to be. All schools should have been cancelled. Khalil {her son} was actually on a field trip yesterday. At the end of the day, it is up to people to make decisions on their own. You always have the option to stay at home and keep your family at home.” ~Ayanna P. Anis  Image

     My question is, What do you do when even “the plan” doesn’t go according to plan?

Come on folks… Have you never seen a wrong forecast before? Who has a guarantee to be able to avoid catastrophes that are controlled by ‘mother nature’? A couple of years ago while I was overseas, there was an earthquake in Maryland. It was minor. People had some property damage…that was the extent of it. No lives were lost. But there was no warning…it just happened. No matter if folks were safely at home or not, they were affected. Let’s take it a step further, Have you ever chosen to ignore signs that may be pointing you to make a decision based on how something looks like it’s going to turn out? All of this is so symbolic of many different areas of our lives. Spiritually, the first thing that popped into my mind is the topic of being prepared, which I’ve blogged about before. But this time, I was lead to Hebrews 11:7 — By faith Noah, being warned by God concerning events as yet unseen, in reverent fear constructed an ark for the saving of his household. By this, he condemned the world and became an heir of the righteousness that comes by faith.

      Ask yourself, What is your back-up plan? Do you have an emergency plan in place for your family for the possibility of a catastrophe? Are you praying for wisdom in this area or just passing it off as an easy fix or not necessarily something that requires your prayer time but simply some common sense? ImageAm I the only one who sees how closely this entire traffic situation mirrors our faith regarding to the topic of Christ’s return? Matthew 24:44 — Therefore you must also be ready, for the son of man will come at an unexpected hour. Matthew 25:13 — Watch ye therefore, for you know not the day or the hour.

 1) Are we prepared/preparing by reading the info we have been provided in God’s Word…taking it seriously and applying it to our lives to be ready whenever the time comes?

2) Are we praying for the discernment to heed the signs…to recognize them when we see them or do we trust our own common sense for that?

3) We’ve all heard so many times that we’re in the end days that perhaps, it sounds cliche so, we’re not believing God at His word. Imagine getting raptured and being left behind; Who will we be trying to blame then? Maybe your best friend, or the Pastor of your church, or your husband. You had the info, you heard the warnings, you say you’re a Christian…so you believe God’s Word to be true, but yet…you didn’t take all the necessary precautions for yourself and your salvation while you could. What a scary prospect.

My prayer is that that this nightmare in Georgia, will re-energize your faith…spark you to get ready. Don’t let your comfort level keep you from doing all you can to get yourself and your family ready to rock out with the King Of Kings. Let’s focus on Him and His word. Let’s give Him the priority He deserves in our lives. Let’s take Him seriously by what He’s shown us to be true in His Word. Let’s trust Him and prepare for what’s to come. ImageImage

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  1. Provokes very sobering thoughts and reminders of the importance that we be ever vigilant. On point!

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