Why The Church Needs to Thank Beyonce (my rant)

I been thinking…I been thinking…


It seems everybody’s talking about Beyonce…but the church.  Or should I say, most of the church ain’t talking out loud.  Ever since her self-titled album Beyonce dropped last winter, no twitter or news feed has been the same.  I, for one, recognize the BEASTNESS of her team (they all got a team folks) in the stellar release of her non-promoted album.  As a woman entrepreneur, there is so much to learn about marketing.  But her presence was more than a Business 101 course.  As many who watched the opening of the most recent Grammy’s, I had 50 million thoughts when I saw Beyonce’s backside to the audience, sitting in squat position, in a leotard-ish, thongish, very sexy ensemble (if I had a husband, I’d get two).  I cheered at the beat…I cheered at everyone staring at a black women (although we have been accustom to screaming for her for quite some time now)…I cheered because in a few short moments, she was going to be joined by her big-lipped, Brooklyn-bred mogul of a husband.  Just BLACKNESS, in the Nina Simone sense of the word, was about to grace the stage.  And in many ways, Jay-Z and Beyonce have become the current pop-culture model of black love and matrimony.  I would be lying if I also wasn’t thinking “I hope the kids are asleep,” or “if I had a husband, would I want to be sitting next to him right now?” (or would he be banned from watching? lol).  And you ministers, are YALL watching this? (._. )  Can I be a fly in the corners of your brain right now? (She bad…don’t deny it).

And without skipping a beat, the industry of Beyonce-journalism ensued.  Praises of her boldness, her dress, her wet hair (actually, there were mixed reviews on the hair), her fingers adorned with $10 million worth of diamonds…no inch of her body or life was untouched.  Even the usual background noise of MSNBC in my studio/office was buzzing about about her opening act.  But again, I felt like “but no one is really addressing what’s in my head, though.  Like why aren’t we–the bold, the fabulous, the saved–also chiming in with our thoughts?”  I shrugged, thinking maybe it’s just me.  Maybe I am the only one who both adores her–the person–and at times, even in the midst of adoration, am convicted of even entertaining certain things that my spirit tells me is flat out not of God.  And at other times, I unapologetically declare “nah, she playing with fire.”

Pause. This is NOT an illuminati article. Lol. (but, hey, I ain’t afraid to talk about that either).


Now, in all fairness, all the pews ain’t been silent. The article “Church Girls Love Beyonce” comes to mind, as the author explored the void Beyonce fills from the lack of open discussion about Black sensuality and sexuality from a woman’s perspective.  And Washington Post writer and Founder of faith and social platform, Urban Cusp, Rahiel Tesfamariam–while not directly from a church perspective–did provide some thought provoking commentary about “feminism” after the release of Beyonce’s “Bow Down/I Been On”.  But even among all the articles about how much she liberates women (or doesn’t); on how she embraces the full desires of many women–to be successful, have a child, and a husband (who does not mind other husbands wishing she was their wife); and how she slaps all those uncomfortable with seeing the bare curves of black women, in a society that has done a great job of oversexualizing black women since our arrival to this country–we, as a collective, as the church…are silent in the public eye.

And I, for one, am confused about why that is so?

Photo credit: Just Jared

Photo credit: Just Jared

Is it because we don’t know how to critically discuss her without bashing her?  Or are we afraid of the backlash from others that assume that’s what our intent is?

Is she not touchable because she is married?  Is marriage the new invisible cloak, like in Harry Potter?

Or is it because we don’t know which angle to discuss her?

Or is it because her team is just too freaking powerful?  That even the conversation requires you to do 20 pushups, run 15 laps, and go through several games of Sodoku to mentally prepare for the marathon back and forth with “stans”?

Or we afraid of what the next church member is gonna think about us, or say to us, when we admit that some songs are flat out “too much” but at the right time, help us out on the treadmill?

Or are we just being “polite,” because the church should not be “judging” anyone and their actions any way (IfyNote: we got this whole judging thing CONFUSED!  Judging is not a sin; in fact, those who are spiritual must judge character–through a spiritual lens, not a personal one–in order to make right decisions.  And, yes, we, too, must be prepared to be judged…as expected. (but news flash you gonna be judged anyway boo, so put on your grown saints-draws)  Check out a couple references and we can talk about it later Malachi 3:18; Psalm 37:30; Amos 5:14-15; Isaiah 59:8….I can go on and on; “judge” is only used 700 times in the Bible.  Back to the rant-programming).

So you don’t talk about Bey?  Oh…well I do.  I talk about Beyonce’s songs, moves, outfits.  I raise my hand high and admit that I am conflicted by the various levels of power her lyrics embrace–some empowering, and some, self-indulging.  And unlike many, who like to chalk things up to “well, that’s just music…ain’t nothing behind it,” I have always treated musicians as serious professionals and have written about it previously–because I, too, am an artist….and I’m sensitive about my sh** (thanks E.Badu).  I do not think things “just happen” or are “just done.”  I don’t think Bey (and her team) want people to think that either, even though I think much of her brand (which the world has bought) is that she is a grown woman…and she can do WHATEVER she wants.

Yup, I talk about Beyonce…because she is worth discussing.  I have no desire to bash her as a person, but I am open to hearing about her public portrayal, its influence, and its impact.  And because everyone else has no problem analyzing her (but God-forbid, we say something…then the entire church is a house full of haters, right?..le sigh).  As part of my ministry revolves around youth and young adults, I think it is very important for me to be in the world, as we are called to be, and GET IN IT!  God could have easily called us to move to a separate island and refuse to co-exist with these “heathens” until the day of Jesus’ return.  We could have been called to keep our mouths shut and live our simple potpourri lives of salvation, without ruffling a few feathers.  But we weren’t…we are here, and we are supposed to be seen.

So don’t hate Bey…thank Bey!

Thank her that she gave yall sermons for DAYSSSSSS!  Thank her because she challenges us to think about our theology around sexuality, marriage, and success.  Thank her because she lyrically throws out references that–while fun for a grown married woman–have very different consequences for a 14-yr old teen (i.e. surfboard).  Thank her because we must NOW talk about the complexities of feminism, and whether the church thinks it is worth reinventing how we discuss the empowerment of women–not just in the boardroom but in the bedroom.  Thank her for giving you that “Bow Down” sermon (because my Lord IS the King of Kings, Lord of Lords, and the 1st Commandment ain’t nothing to eff with…yea I go hard in the paint son).  Thank her for that “Flawless” sermon (because truth be told, we are all like earthly, easily broken vessels, enter II Corinthians 4:7).  And please thank her for that Matthew 5:28 lesson…you know…the one that says “But I say to you that everyone who looks at a woman with lustful intent has already committed adultery with her in his heart.” (and the urban amplified version would add: REGARDLESS OF IF YOUR HUSBAND IS COOL WITH IT).  And you think it is not influencing the way people think: look at all the reality shows that now have no problems showing married men meeting their other married men-pals…at the strip club. NO, Bey is NOT a stripper.  But she is coveted…I am sure…by SEVERAL married men, which has resulted in many women adopting the mentality that it is ok for their man to “look but don’t touch,” and actually has many believing that a marriage remains “healthy” that way. And that is out of order.  And it’s only 2014.  What are our youth going to accept when they get married in 15-20 years?  Are we just cool with that?  (There’s your other sermon).  Take note that I am not critiquing about what she, herself, believes–just what she wants us to believe.  And I think it’s time to thank her for giving us so much to talk about.

Don’t be scurred of the BeyHive.  All discussions are not from a stance of hate…but from a desire to seek truth.  And we all should learn how to talk, respect dissent, and evolve.  I don’t have all the answers but I do know this: Her platform IS to be respected.  So give it its respect…and let the church say…whatever it needs to say!  There are too many opportunities to explore, and possibly too much at stake, to remain on the sidelines.  Write that sermon.

#puttingonmyhelmet #butIaintscurred


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12 Responses to Why The Church Needs to Thank Beyonce (my rant)

  1. Jocelyn "iNDIGO" Saunders says:

    Oh my… gonna have to read this again, in a less distracted environment. I think I need a quiet room for this. lol

    • boldandfab says:

      Waiting for you to get in that quiet space lol 🙂

      • Jocelyn "iNDIGO" Saunders says:

        Ummm… still can’t find the words lol. But trust that I see where you were coming from indeed. I’m not a super fan but I like Bey…she’s not a moral compass for me, so I haven’t felt the need to defend or attack her either way. iLike you, also appreciate ANYONE who can cause such dialogue between people…especially when it gets Christians chatting about faith and kingdom things. If it sparks a conversation about Christ…no matter who it is…I ain’t mad.

  2. Mrs B Carter says:

    Well I’m in a quiet room (the library in the hospital) and i’m so CLOSE/INTO this post I ALMOST hit my head on the screen 😉

  3. Tunde Adepoju says:

    It seems to me that you’re saying that Beyonce’s stumbling block actions are justified since they give the church something to talk about. If you’re not aware, this is precisely what your penultimate paragraph exudes.

    Since Christ is the metric of truth, let’s juxtapose this theme with Him and His methods. Do you think the Lord would acquit the pharisees and other sinners of their sins because it allowed Him to be able to teach us what He did–that is it allowed Him an opportunity for something else? If God justified sin because it permitted Him to do what He wouldn’t have otherwise, should He still be worthy of praise? Would He still be omniscient seeing that He couldn’t think of a better way to get His message across? If the answer to that last question is no, does He not consequently lose His omnipotence and omnipresence as a result since He can’t know all things to be able to “do” all things? If He loses these qualities, can He still be God? And it’s all because He justified sin upon a condition (irrespective of what that condition was). I’m very certain you are not aware, but there are far, far greater, colossal, catastrophic, universal, and infinite negative implications for God–and for us–which humans do not conceive, let alone desire, if He ever permits even an atom of sin for even just fraction of a time at any point in history. Neither you nor I am prepared to go into details about this at this time.

    Beloved sister, I think you should take time to reconsider your position about this issue. To say that we should thank Beyonce for her wrongdoings is to say that she is absolved for them since it produces a result (which cannot even be identified as positive). Does the end justify the means? Should we kill children bullies because they might grow up to be murders and rapists?

    Frankly speaking, Beyonce and her ilk are never to be thanked nor admired, but to be mourned and greatly pitied if they persist in their present trajectories. There is absolutely no “observable” part of Beyonce’s life that will ever win any modicum of approval from God as they “all” cause “everyone”–men, women, boys and girls–to sin in one way or another. And according to Mathew 18:6, “If anyone causes one of these little ones–those who believe in me–to stumble, it would be better for them to have a large millstone hung around their neck and to be drowned in the depths of the sea.”

    • boldandfab says:

      Thank you so much for replying. I never thanked Beyonce for her actions at all, but that does not separate the very human and real thoughts that go through my head (and perhaps other flawed humans), and that I am not afraid to share. Nor do I condone any of her actions. But I DO thank her for opening the door and allowing persons, such as yourself, to discuss many of the issues that she raises by being a major influencer in society. And there is much of what you wrote here that I do agree with…but no one would have heard your stance, if not for this post 🙂 Again, thank you so much for commenting!

  4. Brandi says:

    Nice piece lady, I dug it! I’m a huge fan as you know and can respect your views regarding Bey.

  5. You are amazing! #thatisall

  6. Jada Thompson says:

    I hear what Tunde is saying and I agree with some of it. But I think the point is being missed in your article because it’s deeper than whether or not her lyrics make a good sermon title. It is her platform that makes the difference. Beyonce has the ear of the world. She has the ears and eyes of our children. If anyone despises her for her influence, he should gain the type of influence she has and THEN speak….. with YOUR actions. And do so in the midst of the level and frequency of temptation that she encounters everyday. Until then, you are merely using her brand like anyone else to amplify your message. And you have her to thank for bringing up risky topics in a way that you would have never been bold enough to introduce.

    For the record, God is not threatened by how ‘bad’ Beyonce and everyone else thinks she is. He does not need her to accomplish His work, and that’s not what’s being implied. We are so critical of her, but when will someone grind the way the enemy (keep in mind that none of this is truly about Beyonce) grinds and use that platform to claim the truth. When it comes to that, everyone is silent. When it comes to the church and pop culture, everyone wants to talk about how horrible Goliath is. But who will look him up and down and face him?

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