Sometimes we all need to be encouraged. Some of us require validation more than others; but at some points along the way, each of us has experienced a need to feel noticed, motivated, and supported. C’mon…keep it real. You’ve had an event before that didn’t have the turnout you expected. You’ve had a Facebook group page that your closest friends didn’t click ‘like’ for. You show up to feed the homeless at the same time every month, alone. And the list goes on.

1Thessalonians 5:11 reads, therefore encourage one another and build one another up.

      My husband sent me the absolute sweetest text this morning! On the surface, I’m sure you can piece together why I’d share this text as part of a blog about encouragement; and you’re right. ImageBut it’s deeper. You see, in a session with my physical trainer last week, he asked, ” Hey are you noticing a difference yet in your body? Are you closer to meeting your goal?” It’s been over a month since I enlisted his services and we’ve been working hard, but being honest with myself, I couldn’t tell if I was making strides. So I answered, “I see myself every single day, so it’s hard to see it if it’s not drastic.” He said, “That’s not unusual. We often have a hard time seeing our own progress. What I should’ve asked is, what has your husband said about your progress?” I said, {laughing} “Nothing!”

     In that moment, I realized how badly I yearned for my husband’s encouragement in this area. Sure, I was laughing, but inside I was rolling my eyes…thinking, I guess I’m really not making any noticeable progress. Shrugs. My husband is very attracted to me no matter what weight I am…he makes that abundantly clear to me…trust me on that. lol. Although he is always telling me I’m beautiful and showing me his love, I developed a desire to hear the words of encouragement in this situation. It’s so strange that most often, we’d rather see actions over words, but here I was wanting the words over the action. Oh the complexity of our human brains. lol. You just gotta shake your head at yourself sometimes. Clearly this was my issue…not his! I pride myself on being a no-nag wife, so I never mentioned it to him that it phased me. And over the course of days, I got over it anyhow and simply continued on my quest to a more fit me. Then fast-forward to today and boom…he sends me that text out of the blue. It blessed me so much y’all. Again, it brought to the forefront, how valuable that validation truly was to me.

     ImageTo piggyback off of Bianca’s awesome blog yesterday, everybody needs somebody! There is a lot of ‘I don’t need nobody’ ‘People’s opinions don’t matter’ ‘The only validation I need is from God’ and blah blah blah talk floating around these days. Bottom line…it matters. Of course their validation shouldn’t be the END ALL…the make you or break you, but honestly, we all need one another. Everyone…even the most head strong & independent person, needs a push sometimes. It can sometimes mean the difference between feeling that something is worth it or not…even if that’s not actually the case.

We are motivated to motivate. We are encouraged to encourage. We are inspired to inspire. We are blessed to be a blessing. Hebrews 10:24-25 reads, And let us consider how to stir up one another to love and do good works, not neglecting to meet together, as is the habit of some, but encouraging one another, and all the more as you see the day drawing near.

      This is a charge to notice someone’s good works today. Sow a seed into a ministry. Give a “Well done” and a pat on the back. Let that Author know that their book impacted you. Take the one second to click ‘Like’ on that status post you thought was on point.Image Comment on that blog and share it with someone. People’s lives don’t end when there’s no support, but what does it cost you to show it? Nothing but kindness, encouragement, and love. It doesn’t make you look like a groupie, fan, pressed, or weak to do so; on the contrary, it shows strength to support and encourage because it shows the positive intention of the heart.

      Next week, I’m going to provide some steps to ACTIVATE the ENCOURAGER in you! Stay tuned. Love y’all!

*Wednesdays With INDIGO*


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4 Responses to BUILD ME UP!!!!!

  1. tagdmv says:

    Thank you so much for posting this! Loved the message behind it, and it was very much needed!

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