ImageIn my blog from last Wednesday, I blogged about the importance of encouraging one another and making encouragement daily practice in your life on purpose. It can really uplift people to excel and edify the Kingdom. As promised, this week, I will share some practical, intentional steps each of us can take to help us empower ourselves to become the encouragement we seek.
I hope you’re ready to receive.
1) Share with others how they have inspired and encouraged you.
2) Give affirmations on a regular–especially when you notice someone is making consistent, positive life changes. Be specific so that they are clear that you are really noticing and not just speaking in general.
3) Be there for support. People have demanding jobs, cramped schedules, kids to attend to, marriages to nurture, and the list goes on. But making the time to visit your co-worker in the hospital -or- attend your friend’s AA meeting -or- show up for your cousin’s spoken word event. Etc. Your presence often has more encouraging power than you could ever imagine.
4) Let someone know they’re in your prayers and actually pray for them for real.
5) Random contact. Call someone you don’t talk to often but are very fond of; to let them know they are on your mind. Notice I said call…not text. Don’t worry, if it’s a person who hates talking as much as you do, they probably won’t answer their phone anyway and you’ll end up leaving a voicemail. But it is the intention that counts. In this day and time, it’s very powerful encouragement to know that with all that everyone has going on, they still have you in their heart and made time to reach out.
6) Be a voice for God. No matter what is going on in people’s lives…believers & non-believers alike need to hear and know that God is in complete control. As a Christians, you can never stop speaking about the good news of God and His promises.
7) Offer assistance. If you see someone struggling in an area -or- has a need, spring into action. Many of us are blessed with an overflow of finances, resources, time, and energy. Pour it into someone striving to do good but may not be having the best of times. If you’re about to get a new car, consider not trading in your old one but instead, give it to a family in need. Consider spearheading a fundraiser.
ImageWhich actually makes me think of my good friend Thea Washington. She recently started a grass roots campaign called #Hearts4Maddy to bring attention to her Goddaughter’s heart defect issue and medical/financial needs as she awaits a heart transplant. She opened an Instagram account, got the story to Fox 45 Baltimore, and has raised money to assist. Passion & action are a huge encouragement towards assisting someone.
-If you’d like to donate, the website is shown in the posted photo-
8) Give commendations. My husband is a Verizon FIOS technician. He works hard, long hours to provide a service to customers. He often times goes behind the shabby work of lazy techs and essentially, cleans up their mess. His friendly and professional disposition and awesome customer service skills, gets him a lot of positive feedback. He always tells me how much it means to him when a customer calls his Supervisor to give him a good review or a letter is written to headquarters on his behalf…recognizing him for great service. Recognizing quality work is n awesome encouragement to the worker.
9) Do unto others… You know the rest. lol. Imagine how encouraged you’d be if the steps listed were done to you. Be what you want to see!
~Take a moment to read Colossians 4 {the full chapter}. I highly suggest it, as that was my go-to book as I wrote this blog. Lots of points about encouragement and it’s benefits. Please check it out.
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