Been under the weather today. Barely made it out of bed and subsequently, successfully talked myself out of my established fitness time for the day. I almost allowed that same mistake to happen with regards to posting my blog today, but here I am at 10:30pm checking myself and pressing to get my Wednesday blog done. I was tempted to blog on the topic of sickness and/or how we should push ourselves through illness…knowing what Christ endured to save us {which actually would’ve been cool}. poeticBut just not in a ‘super-spiritual’ mood at the moment. My apologies in advance. But as this veil of yucky-feelings begin to lift this evening, I am encouraged. So my blog today is simple but real, and simply ME in this moment. With that said, I’m feeling a bit poetic today. Hope you can flow with me on this.

Ever since I was a teenager, I have been in love…

In love with the simplicity of our compatibility

The exclusivity of individuality

The selectivity of brilliancy

The probability of affordability…

The apparent natural affinity I have towards you Chuck Taylor…and that you clearly have towards me.chucks1

Some may never possess the capability to thoroughly appreciate your comfortability or versatility

Through my eyes, I hope they see.

Whether hi-top, low-top, or to the knees

Wearing you provides a sense of ease

Whether worn, brand new, old, or vintage

You are the one thing I never want to experience a shortage

On with a dress…On and my hair is a mess

On for a photo shoot…On and I feel so cute

I may rock others, but in none do I feel as sexy as I do in YOU!

To have kept the same relative design for 100-years

Says a lot about your confidence in yourself

That confidence is contagious and I feel it every time you’re on me

No matter what color I pick…with you I will forever stickChucksMEfinal

Thank you for being the perfect compliment

No matter what style of clothes I’m wearing.

Thank you for being no respecter of persons and being an equal opportunity shoe

Allowing the androgynous, the most girly girls, the most masculine guys, and the cutest kids to ALWAYS have fly potential.

Lord knows, I’ve been through what feels like a million phases in my life

And you’ve seamlessly flowed with me through them all.

As I continue to walk out my most FABULOUS life

As I continue to run towards salvation with my eyes BOLDLY on the prize

chucks3I’m feeling super swell about writing this piece with YOU on my mind

Your consistency is much appreciated.

Thank you. Stay fine!

*Wednesdays with INDIGO

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