The Master’s Piece

imageRegarded as probably one of the most famous paintings in history, Leonardo DaVinci’s “Mona Lisa” has had more written works, songs, and poems about it than any other work of art.  The mystery behind the smile and even the identity of the woman puzzles people to this day.  It has been lauded for its grace, detail, and beauty. It is truly a masterpiece.

But what would this masterpiece be….without the brush?

Purposely created to be an instrument for beauty, the brush never had a name, but it stood ready to be used.  It held it’s breath every time it was dipped and dunked into the bright oranges, and almost blinded by the midnight blues.  It often went to bed messy, with smudges of the day’s work.  Nevertheless it was expected to get up early in the glory of the morning to show its worth.  No paper burn or paper cut was going to hinder its bounce; it would press on, curious as to what its labor was going to produce.  Sure, there were times it wanted to go left, instead of right…it thought the background could use a nice bird…that was, of course, until it saw the final picture.  And like all labor, the memory of the pain, the press, and the pull disappeared. It never was credited for it’s function, but it was not created to get credit.  It was created to create.

There will be times in this journey where we are the seed instead of the flower…the pencil instead of the book…the note instead of the song.  You may hate the wear and tear for little cash, or what seems like the constant overlooking of your contributions.  But never forget that if you were pulled, pressed, and pushed….you were first CHOSEN.  No one has yet seen what the full fruit is of your prayers, your actions, or your investments.  And never lose sight that the One we call Master was also dismissed by many. But once you saw His collection of works, you said yes to being his brush.  He uses you because unlike many, you are useful to bringing awe here on earth, and glory to the kingdom.

So take a bow.  So many strive, using their own will, to be the masterpiece. Know today that there is honor in being the Master’s Piece.



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