Amber Alert………

Matthew 10:39 “He who finds his life will lose it, and he who loses his life for My sake will find it”.


Those of you that reside in the DMV area I’m sure are very familiar with the “Amber Alerts” that have crossed the screens on our local highways, the Facebook SHARES, some of us have even received these LOUD sirens via text and the ALERTS go on. I have been praying diligently (I hope you are too) for the recent child taken out of Md. and PRAISE GOD for the young lady in Upper Marlboro that was found UNHARMED within the past few weeks.

The “Amber Alerts” have been so ON BLAST that it made me think about how many of US need an “Amber Alert” in our lives…..Ok Ok I’m referring to finding SOMETHING that’s MISSING in OUR LIVES…YUP…. CAN YOU HEAR THE SIRENS?? OK PAUSE FOR THE LOUD BEEPING TEXT THAT GOD IS ABOUT TO SEND YOU (I’m SURE you won’t MISS THAT).


I’m gonna be short but REAL…..I KNOW what “Alerts” I’ve received regarding MY LIFE over the past few months and GUESS WHAT………YOU DO TOO!!


Today BE ENCOURAGED to send an “Amber Alert” out to GO RETRIEVE your peace, laughter, fun, life, love, forgiveness, husband, wife, children, joy & the list can GO ON I’M SURE…..


Be Bold

Be Willing To Change

Be Not Weary

Be Knowing That God Has Your Hand….The Entire Way

Be New Now^_*

~Fridays w/ Monisha~


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