Top 5 Ways YOU KNOW, You Know the Right People

Turn to your neighbor and tell em “Its not what you know, but who you know.” -And let the church say amen! Yea, so, the biggest lesson being reinforced in my life right now is: Your Net Worth is Your NETWORK! In the job search, I’m learning very quickly that I am only as valuable as those I’m connected to, and I am VERY lucky to be connected to the right people (professionally, anyway). But I’ve also begun assessing who I’m connected to spiritually, and I must say, I have a GOOD group around me. Do you? Here are the top 5 ways to assess your spiritual network.

Top 5 ways you know you know the RIGHT people:

1. They advocate for you- These are the people who are on your side, and are not afraid to show it. These are the people who defend you when others talk bad about you when you’re not around (or even when they themselves know you are DEAD wrong). These are the people willing to go to battle for you even when there’s nothing in it for them. These are the folks who climb the ladder and then reach down to pull you up. Do you have this person in your network? See 1 John 2:1

2. They sacrifice for you- This person gives you the last chicken wing or slice of pizza lol. Seriously, they are the ones who give of themselves, even when they don’t have it; because after all a sacrifice isn’t a sacrifice if it’s not hard to make. This person thinks of you before they think of themselves and understands the power of servant-leadership and selflessness. This person knows that in your success, they will find theirs, even if that means you pass them in their journey. Does a name come to mind? See Philippians 2

3. They sharpen you- This person does not hold back the truth. In fact, they are sometimes so brutally honest that it hurts, but you KNOW that their criticism comes from a place of love. This person gives advice even sometimes when you don’t ask for it lol. This person also holds you accountable and asks the tough questions, without sugarcoating and pacifying their input. This person pushes you to be the absolute best version of yourself possible, with no trace of jealousy or intimidation whatsoever. Do you have this kind of brother or sister? See Proverbs 27:17 Or Proverbs 27 in general.

4. They believe in you- This person listens to your crazy ideas and believes in them. They have a kind of faith in you that inspires you to believe in yourself (even when you don’t want to believe in yourself). They make you feel invincible and valued. They affirm your very purpose and being. This person encourages you to keep pressing towards the mark, and when the going gets tough, they’ll stick it out with you. Who is your ride or die? See John 20:29

5. They pray for you- This person spends time talking to God about YOU! They think enough of you to include you in their daily prayer life, humbling themselves in NOT asking for their wants in order to prioritize your needs. This person has so much faith and connection to God that you see the fruits of THEIR prayer life even when you don’t have one for yourself. Who is praying for you? See James 5:16

The best thing about this list is that all of these qualities can be found in Jesus Christ. Do you know Him? I guarantee His network is the only network that matters. Go ahead, taste and see.





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