Outside of a brief post on Facebook a few weeks ago saying I had recorded my first song for my new album, I haven’t posted or said anything about it up to this point. Well, consider today my official announcement that I am working on my sophomore music album and planning to be ready to release this summer. I have SO MUCH TO SAY about this because for me, it goes so deep… that I’m pretty sure this will have to be split up in parts, so you all won’t have feel like information overload. I’m so excited about the new music I’m recording and I want to tell you all about that, but I have to break down my musical journey somewhat so that you all can understand where I was, am, and now…where God has me going.
Many of you know and others of you don’t know, that six years ago, I released my first album. It was a Gospel album that was written from the perspective of my life at that time, as a new believer; having just gotten saved two-years prior to releasing it. The album was excellently done, as well as the music video for the first single. The album production quality was phenomenal. It was done from my heart and I was very proud of the work God had achieved in me to complete it. The video was played on BET’s Video Gospel a few times and I also saw it on the Gospel Music Channel as well. Although it barely got any views on Youtube, it got 500k+ million hits on GospelTube before they shut that site down. Respectively, I didn’t get much FM radio play at all…a few spins, but I was very thankful for many Internet radio stations embracing my music. TO THIS DAY, songs from that album are STILL in rotation on Internet radio.

Singing at these events began to feel like a popularity contest of who’s on the bill tonight. Everyone with their “churchy walk”, “churchy talk” , and “churchy attire” were so busy out-doing each others’ “churchy” that I felt like those who needed us most weren’t even being addressed. I started becoming depressed when I would sing my heart out for Him and no one would come down for an altar call, and many of my fellow artists, didn’t even seem bothered by it. I remember one time thinking, ‘Sorry if I don’t want to take a selfie with you right now…I’m praying for just ONE to come to the altar.’
Over time, it really weighed on me. I found myself praying to God for a release. I begged of Him and prayed, “If it’s your will for me to feel this burden Lord, please give me the strength…give me what I need to endure it. If it’s not, please make a way for me to feel lighter again. You gave me this voice…I want to use it to glorify you. I also want to have fun within music again and make others feel good on the inside when I sing. I don’t even know if all that is possible, but if it is, please give me a sign that it’s ok.”
I am five songs in, to what will probably be an 11-song album. I am fairly certain I have already identified my first single and just overall, I am so excited about where God is taking me. I’m not sure what genre it’s going to be considered but honestly, I DON’T CARE!!! God is not calling me to place categories on myself or my music. This Soul Music…what’s ringing in my soul right now! It has the heart of Gospel music, the essence of R&B, the feel of hip-hop, and the consciousness of Neo-Soul. Yep…what I’m feeling at the moment!!! I’m planning to share snippets of a the new songs with you to get your feedback. I may actually start that for next week’s blog. Stay tuned.  In the meantime, I’m asking for ALL YOUR PRAYERS, that I’ll be provided all the resources to complete His work in me and that I will receive the support I need once it’s done, to get it in the right hands at the right time.

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