Take Several Seats, OR SQUATS!!!

This year has been an awesome journey of physical fitness, weight loss victories, & healthier lifestyles for a lot of people I know!! It’s very exciting to say the least. I get encouraged seeing family members, friends, associates, & even people I don’t know personally on social media, really invested in their physical bodies. After all…it is our temple. We should be taking care of it!


SO CHECK THIS OUT: A couple of weeks ago, a lady I’ve never met who follows my page, sent me the following in my inbox: “Hi Indigo. I been watching your fitness videos and I’m curious about your progress because I don’t see a difference from when you first started. To be honest, I don’t see why you are spending money to work with a trainer anyway, you are already pretty much perfect. You don’t know me from a hole in the wall but as someone who you inspire, I think it’s important for me to get a genuine account of honesty from you so I won’t be discouraged as I am are trying to get where you are. Do you mind sharing your weight when you first started months ago and your weight now?


After I picked my jaw up off the floor, I simply replied by sharing my blog Keep It Tight, Alright? which I wrote back in January. In that blog, I mentioned that I hired a trainer to help me reach my personal fitness goals. It has been about four months now since we’ve been working together. Although when I first started, I gave myself a six month deadline to reach my goal, I am not on a time-crunch but more on a lifestyle-crunch…committed to the overall fitness of my body for the long haul. 


However I must admit, days after that message I had a few moments where I allowed her words to impact me. Why haven’t I slimmed down more? What’s with this pesky problem area? What the heck is it all for? My trainer would send me the pics and videos he would take during our sessions and I would not post them, as I normally would. The enemy is crafty y’all. He plants seeds of doubt. I had begun to see myself through this woman’s eyes…who had never seen me in person…who doesn’t know my desires for my body…who is clueless of my actual progress. I am a strong woman! How did I allow that to happen; when just the day before I got that message, I was fine and happy with myself and my progress?


In between time, I also started noticing more people comparing the effectiveness of their trainers to others: “You should hire my trainer. She’s better because…” Also there was the ‘who’s facilities were superior’: “Planet Fitness is cool, but you should join Gold’s; it’s better because…!” Yada yada ya. There is this weird sub-culture of comparison especially on Social Media. What is supposed to be an online atmosphere to encourage people along their journey by taking a peak into what folks are doing, has gotten twisted by a lot of people.


I’m spiritually aware of the schemes the enemy tried to use to get me in a negative place. You see, if I’m down on myself…I won’t continue to inspire other people to want better as well. So now that I’m completely back on track, let me remind all of you; on this journey only YOU know your personal goals. On your physical fitness journey, as difficult as it may be, try not to be affected by or concerned with what others notice (or think they notice) regarding YOUR PROGRESS!! If someone comments on you leaning-out/cutting-up, that’s a bonus if that’s indeed your goal. But it should NOT be the sole motivation of your journey. 




Set PERSONAL GOALS for your body. Set realistic time-frames for what you want to see by when. Stay on track with those goals, regardless of if others notice it.

While you may not be seeing the weight fall off as quickly as you like, check out the inches you’ve lost…it may surprise you.

Try on a pair of pants that you couldn’t fit last year…the results may surprise you.

Have you really looked at your butt lately? The roundness may surprise you. lol.

If you can lift more weight and doing more reps than you could when you started…you’re progressing! Believe in yourself.


Remember, unless you’re competitive body-building, you’re not competing. You are simply working to build a better you…one lesson, one session, one exercise, one inch, one pound, at a time. No one said you have to have a trainer to get results. I know plenty who are doing it on their own and winning!! Just do what you need to do to attain the results you want and hang in there. Discern people’s motives, don’t allow yourself to be distracted by unproductive criticism, & celebrate your progress…no matter how small you consider it to be.


Keep up the good work and let’s keep it going!! *Shout out to my Trainer, Carlton of Todah Strength Fitness! Thanx for everything bro.

*Wednesdays With INDIGO*

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4 Responses to Take Several Seats, OR SQUATS!!!

  1. Candace says:

    This was great! People never know someone’s whole story and they’re reason for getting fit. My favorite thing about fitness is how it has influenced other areas of my life. My relationship with God is in better shape. I’m more disciplined with reading my word, staying in touch with folks and just taking care of me fully! THAT’s why I love it. The physical results are a bonus. You look GREAT and I love your response to that attack. Thanks for sharing!!

    • Jocelyn "iNDIGO" Saunders says:

      Indeed Candace. That’s a great analogy…about your relationship w/ God being in better shape as well. Praise God for that!!

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