Don’t Judge A Book…

photo3It was 4’oclock this morning. I was awakened by a strange sound. Turned on the light, got up, and saw there was vomit on the floor. My poor little dog…he was sick!! I was trying to figure out what he got into. I don’t feed him table food often, but perhaps it was that piece of chicken I gave him from my dinner that night. He was whimpering and begging for it as I was eating and I couldn’t resist…had to break him off.

   Anyhow, after cleaning the mess, I held him in my arms to comfort him. Vomiting isn’t a pleasant experience for anyone; based on how out of it he looked, I felt compassion for the little guy. I put him in bed with us and dozed off. About an hour later, I was awakened by him trembling and making strange “crying” sounds. I continued to comfort him and later noticed he was staring out into thin air. He wasn’t responding to my voice and just seemed strange in general. I put him on the floor to see if he wanted to walk around and that’s when I peeped that he wasn’t walking. He would go to put one foot in front of the other and then lay down. I was like, uh oh…WHAT’S WRONG WITH MY SMOKEY?!

     I took him outside for some fresh air. He continued to do the weird two-step-lay-down and repeat thing. Picked him back up and brought him back in the house. Made him drink some water and knew I’d have to take him to the Vet once they opened. But at this point it was about 5:30am. Got back in our room and put him on his bed. Dozed back off then my husband’s alarm clock went off. As he was taking a shower, Smokey threw up again and then went back into his blank stare. Needless to say, I was bewildered. I’ve only had my dog since October 2013 but it feels like he’s been with us for years. He was a nine year old mutt on death row at the shelter when I rescued him and he’s been a joy! He’s going on ten and hasn’t had any health issues! So, although I was concerned, dogs get sick sometimes…they vomit…it’s probably food poisoning…he’ll be okay. Just got to get him to the Vet soon.

     photo2photo1 (2)As soon as they opened this morning, I was there. No appointment but just showed up like, “My baby is sick…please see him.” They did. I told them everything. They took blood and examined him. I waited patiently…tired, and in my mind I’m like, “just give him some anti-throw up juice so we can go home.” An hour or so later, the Vet called me in and told me something I wasn’t expecting. Smokey has a pretty intense heart murmur; at his age, it’s fairly common for that to turn into congestive heart failure, and everything he was experiencing was a seizure associated with that issue. My heart dropped. He told me Smokey has to get a scan done on his heart this week so that they can gauge the extent of the heart failure to determine the best option.

     They told me to leave him there for overnight evaluation. Later they called to say he had perked back up, was active, and hungry, so I could take him home. Once he gets his scan (has to be done at another office because my Vet doesn’t have that equipment), he can tell me what medication would be best to manage his health  and for the rest of his life, he will need to be on medication. I’m so glad my four-legged baby is ‘acting’ like his old self. Glad to have him home, but I can’t lie…I’m sad in the moment and blogging in that space today.

     I know that everything will be okay. God never gives us more than we can bear and everything is a teachable moment…no matter how painful. As I’ve had time to process my day and all that has happened, I immediately thought about how often we judge a situation based on how things look on the outside.

karynwashingtonA couple weeks ago, a very popular Natural Hair & Women Empowerment blogger Karyn Washington of ‘For Brown Girls’, committed suicide. It took the Natural Hair community by storm. It was a shock to EVERYONE…her family, friends, & followers/fans. As she was Tweeting inspiring messages, smiling for countless Instagram photos, & blogging about loving yourself…she was personally in a world of pain on the inside that she felt unable to cope with anymore. That has to be such a lonely place to be in. Her heart was beautiful…wanting to encourage women, even through what she was going through inside that no one else knew.

-A lady almost died on her job because her supervisor would not allow her an ‘unofficial’ break to go grab a snack. The Supervisor thought she was being lazy…in fact, she is Diabetic and felt sick and needed to eat something. Thirty minutes later, she passed out and had to be resuscitated when the ambulance came. In the Supervisor’s words, “She didn’t look sick. I’m so sorry.”

-That lady at church who everyone knows is struggling financially and you make preconceived conclusions that she’s full of crap because “She has her nails done, so she ain’t struggling too much.” When in fact, the was treated to a manicure by someone who wanted to make her feel better about herself during a rough time.

Never judge a book by it’s cover. If you don’t have FULL KNOWLEDGE of a situation or have been informed by the source…you should only be speaking of it if it’s from a desire to pray on their behalf. Period. Everything else is assumption and gossip. So many people…so many circumstances and situations are NOT what they appear to be on the surface. Keep that in mind at all times.

That’s my word for the day. Love y’all. Be blessed.

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10 Responses to Don’t Judge A Book…

  1. J Rated says:

    You bad me on the edge of my seat reading about “Smokey”. I guess I felt for him as well as you as a parent because I had an identical experience just last Wednesday with my youngest son. Wow! At any rate we often times assume at what may appear to be the obvious when in fact we really don’t know because like you said, we can’t judge a book by it’s cover. For example about 8 years ago after extensive testing I was diagnosed with ADHD. Once I got the diagnosis I was strangely happy for the simple fact that it explained so much. I always got a “C” in work habbits and staying focused was a struggle and while in grade school academically I didnt reach my highest potential because of it. On the outside I looked and seemed fine but on the inside there was so much going on. Getting diagnosed was a blessing in disguise. I am a living witness of the title of this blog. Never Judge a Book……

    • Jocelyn "iNDIGO" Saunders says:

      Thank you for reading and commenting Jewel. That ADHD example is a PERFECT representation of what I mean here. Someone may have been thinking…she’s all over the place…she’s not serious or focused, or this or that…based on what they saw…not knowing on the inside, you were dealing with a medical issue. Indeed sis. Never judge a book!!!

  2. That first pic of you and Smokey is adorable! Love that little guy! Glad he will be okay and that he has such a great mommy!!!

    • Jocelyn "iNDIGO" Saunders says:

      I love that pic too sis. Clearly he has NO RESPECT for personal space. lol. Thanks for the words of encouragement. Love u.

  3. Yvette says:

    You are so right about judging a book by its cover. Too often people are too quick to give their perception of course with lack of information. I’m keeping you and Smokey in prayer because I understand the pain of your doggy baby being sick. My doggy ate my husband’s sock and had to have surgery last November to have it removed. Unfortunately he died in March with my children witnessing it. So my heart and prayers are there for you. Much love

    • Jocelyn "iNDIGO" Saunders says:

      I appreciate you Yvette. Thank you so much for your kind words, and for sharing your own story about your dog. I’d never compare them to kids…not the same, but love is love and for many of us…pets are family, so I appreciate your compassion.

  4. Celine says:

    Great message, Indigo. Actually I got more than one…Whatever I’m feeling at present, there is always hope and a solution even if I don’t see it right now. Don’t give up. Also, if someone’s name is going to be in my mouth it better be in prayer. I don’t know their story. Love you!

    • Jocelyn "iNDIGO" Saunders says:

      Yes Celine!!! I love how you broke it down. It can go SO MANY different ways. As always sis…thank you for your continue support & love. You’re wonderful.

  5. First, my sincerest condolences to the family and friends of Karyn Washington. This is very sad to hear. You are correct: often what we perceive is not at all the case. May God rest her soul.

    Your examples about not judging a book by are on point. Lately, my heart has been a bit heavy about this very topic. People judge others with no consideration about what they may be going through or what they may have gone through to effect a certain situation in their lives. Similar to what you said, if people are so confident in their righteousness to where they feel they can judge their brothers and sisters, they should darn sure have enough discernment to, in the very next breath, pray for them as well. In fact, while they’re at it, they may as well pray for themselves while they are at it! Thanks for a thought-provoking topic.

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