The Valley of Bones

I didn’t think I could do it: being hit by a cab while walking (on Resurrection Sunday) surely slowed me down a little…but not all the way. I thought my submission dreams for a film competition couldn’t be done. Well…despite the circumstances, mission accomplished. On this Throwback Thursday let’s reflect on God’s ability to bring life to what we thought was dead. #IfyThursdays


It is a very scary thing to feel like you are “walking” but not “breathing.”  You go to work, come home, sleep…just to go through the cycle all over again.  This past week, like many weeks, was a struggle…but for very different reasons.  In short, I felt I was wasting quite a bit of my time on things that were not part of my purpose.  And for a brief moment…I did not want to be here.  My earthly father’s message to me earlier in the week got me through.  My dad didn’t even know I was going through at the time–he was actually calling about something completely unrelated.  Somehow, his conversation took a a turn and he directed me to Ezekiel 37:1-10.

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