Yes…..I’m a Capricorn!

2 Peter 1:21 “For no prophecy was ever produced by the will of man, but men spoke from God as they were carried along by the Holy Spirit”


Kind of “Hit the nail on the head….OR NAH” when describing me. I have a co-worker I call “CLEO” that I actually worked with MANY years ago at CVS and we reconnected here at Children’s. She’s such a sweetheart but EVERYTIME we cross paths at work she finds SOME WAY to throw in her PSYCHIC reading (LOL). So me being nice I just say, “UH HUH, OK”….For example, if we’re talking about lil’ Brian (our sons are about the same age so we compare stories) she’ll be like, that’s a MALE VIRGO and go ON & ON & ON about A VIRGO (BTW….Gemini’s RUB HER THE WRONG WAY she says it EVERYDAY…LOL).

Now don’t get me wrong….Sometimes “CLEO” is SOOO ON POINT with different characteristics that “SIGNS” carry but I always KEEP in the front of my mind that’s JUST how God DESIGNED them to be.

Any who, today we were having our normal morning chat and she began her FORTUNE TELLING SESSION^_^ so I allowed her to finish & I MUST SAY WHAT SHE WAS SAYING I WAS FEELING IN MY SPIRIT. Once the FREE session was over (LOL) I shared with her that I honestly feel that God places people in our pathways to SPEAK to us (Because we have had talks about God and she BELIEVES…NOT PERFECT BUT A WORK IN PROGRESS) and that I don’t FOLLOW “SIGNS” I gave her the example of CAPRICORN woman and PIECES men BEING COMPATIBLE according to “SIGNS” (Though my husband and my father are pieces) but I do believe that God SETS UP specific people to carry SPECIFIC CHARACTERISTICS….not “SIGNS”.

She’s ACTUALLY a Pieces and we get along VERY WELL but I told her today that I’m SURE God designed US to have a GREAT relationship not a “SIGN”. I see A TON of “Capricorn” characteristics in myself and others that share that sign but I feel God made us ALL to share SOME of the same characteristics.

Today be ENCOURAGED to stop CREDITING “SIGNS” for the character that God created WITHIN each of us and GIVE GOD HIS DUE PRAISE for who we are.


~Fridays w/ Monisha~

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1 Response to Yes…..I’m a Capricorn!

  1. hank lloyd says:

    Hello my Love,

    I am a PIECES by the worlds standards
    But I am a child of God always

    Psalm 30:5 – …his favor lasts a lifetime.

    People promote awareness of all kinds of things in this world, but one of the most important things you should be aware of is the favor of God! Every day before you leave the house, you should say, “Father, thank You that I have Your favor.” As you drive to work or go about your day, meditate on His favor. Be aware of His goodness. Expect doors to open for you that may not open for somebody else.

    Remember, favor means you have an advantage. There is something special about you because Almighty God has His hand on you. And I’m not talking about being arrogant and thinking that you’re better than somebody else. I’m talking about living with boldness – not because of who you are, but because of Whose you are! You are a child of the Most High God. Your Father created the whole universe. You can expect preferential treatment from Him!

    Prayer for Today: Father, thank You for Your favor, grace and mercy. I choose to be aware of Your goodness and many blessings. I choose to meditate on Your love and look for Your hand at work in every area of my life in Jesus’ name. Amen.

    Have a blessed day!
    Love Dad

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