Jada Pinkett gives me hope that #blackgirlsmatter

I was moved watching this clip because frankly…more of this needs to happen.  It was just a couple Thursdays ago I wrote about the silence about sex trafficking.  And it was around that time, I caught wind of the 234 schoolgirls that were abducted in my parents’ homeland–Nigeria.  I didn’t speak about the incident with anyone else but my mother, because frankly, I figured no one would care.  Whether home or abroad, it seems I hear more about a rich basketball franchise owner’s private racist comments (I don’t care that you don’t like us, Mr. Sterling), than about missing girls.  Many of these girls, whether through force or curiosity, are now slaves to a sex industry that never truly valued women.  And even when brought up in the church, it often comes from a place of judgment and not love (because black girls shoulda known better).  Let’s face it, it takes a lot for folks to give a lamb about black girls.

This won’t be long, because I actually want people to listen to Jada’s clip.  She is not a preacher…she is not ordained…and who knows if I’ll be yelling at her when the final CNN documentary she’s working on comes out.  What I do know is that she does something that we need to do more of: she went out TO those often forgotten…SPOKE to them…LISTENED…and LOVED them anyhow. Jada makes great points about how misguided our culture is, and its impact on young people (and some old ones).  And I think she loves the young ladies she met enough to tell them right from wrong.  But I think she comes across with a sincerity and a love that is necessary to make a real change within our communities.

Sometimes we focus so much on hating the sin, we forget to love the sinner.  This is just an example of love.




#bringbackourgirls #234 #Nigerianschoolgirls #blackgirlsmatter

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