GET YO LIIIIIIIIFE…..Donald Sterling!

Mark 4:22-24 “For everything that is hidden will eventually be brought into the open, and every secret will be brought to light. Anyone with ears to hear should listen and understand.”

“Then he added, “Pay close attention to what you hear. The closer you listen, the more understanding you will be given and you will receive even more.”


So anyone who knows me is very aware that I’m a BBall gal (Female whom LOVES basketball AS MUCH as a guy) so I have been HEAVY into the current playoff season.

As I drove to work last week I heard the story about Donald Sterling and I ACTUALLY said to my myself SO WHAT!!! OK OK… I know some of you are like HUH?? BUT YES MY PERSONAL OPINION (I HAVE THE RIGHT TO ONE) WAS…..SO WHAT!!! Ok let me explain myself….This man is like 100yrs old (Well maybe not but ANYWHO) and I’m SURE he has been a racist ALL HIS LIFE & GOING TO CONTINUE TO BE UNTIL THE DAY HE DIES. Now what he said was EXTREMELY SUPER DUPER IGNORANT, RACIST, STUPID & JUST PLAIN OUT OF LINE but he was having a PRIVATE CONVERSATION with his “SIDE PIECE” (LMBOFFFFF ya’ll dudes see how LOYAL those SIDE JOINTS CAN BE^_*) that I’m sure he has had in past with many.

My thing is his behavior is OLD NEWS like he has a history of this behavior and it’s not like he went on TV and said these things it was  shared in a PRIVATE CONVERSATION (so he thought). Ok, let me say this….I can GURANTEE there are MANY LEADERS that we RESPECT such as Pastors, President Obama, Your parents & who ever it is that you have the utmost respect for that have in “PRIVATE” said some things that would TRULY get them in HOT BOILING WATER but it wasn’t recorded. Let’s make it PERSONAL I’m SURE each of US….YEP US have indulged in “PRIVATE SIDE BAR CONVERSATIONS” that were FULL of things we shouldn’t say/share…..COME ON KEEP IT REAL!!! If that person/group of people could be a fly on the wall IT WOULD SURELY BE AN ISSUE such as the one Sterling put himself in.

Do I feel he was wrong? ABSOLUTELY. Do I feel he should have consequences? OF COURSE…..WE ALL SHOULD WHEN OUR ACTIONS ARE WRONG! BUT IS IT THAT SERIOUS UMMMMMMMM NO (IN MY OPINION). I don’t know about you all BUT I have SO MANY MORE important things to be doing/persuing rather than entertaining or even giving any attention to FOOLERY…..POINT BLANK PERIOD! People get so WRAPPED up in foolishness and consumed with things/people who JUST AREN’T THAT IMPORTANT and it’s VERY SAD!

Look he said what he meant, he was WAY WRONG so reprimand him and keep it moving…….AREN’T YOU BUSY DOING SOMETHING??? HELLO! They had an entire 1hr DEBATE at my job about this and I’m like REALLY??? Sorry BUT…..GET YOUR LIFE, Pray for Sterling, his wife, his children and MOVE ON!! Because WE ALL have said things we aren’t PROUD of and were just down right WRONG but you LIVE, LEARN & PRESS ON!!!

Side Note…..If you don’t want it REPEATED don’t SAY IT because you NEVER EVER know who’s gonna SHARE IT & HOW IT WILL BE SHARED^_* SHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!

~Fridays w/ Monisha~




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2 Responses to GET YO LIIIIIIIIFE…..Donald Sterling!

  1. Shauna says:

    Wellll I believe if you are in the public eye you should be held on a different scale then the rest of us. Donald Sterling should NOT be speaking like that in public or private! If you believe it or not he is responsible for a lot of people, so his CRAZY views should not be tolerated! Yes I say some things in private but what I say doesn’t affect millions! Our leaders should be held up as such, there is NO room for foolishness ( President, Pastor,Teacher, ect…). So with that said this is why it is such a big deal to the basketball world…..if your can’t handle your position then step down! BYE DONALD!!!! and anyone else in a positon of authority.

    • MrsBCarter says:

      Thank you Shauna for supporting by reading/responding. 🙂 I concur that EVERYONE should face consequences for their actions so GOOD DAY DONALD; however, NO ONE should be speaking THIS way in private/public IT SHOULDN’T BE TOLERATED FROM ANYONE!! I consider myself a leader and no I’m not a Pastor, President or the owner of a NBA team but I KNOW my words/actions has the potential to affect MANT in addition I feel if your words can AFFECT JUST ONE (Negative or positive) it has the POTENTIAL to AFFECT 1 MILLION (Leader or NOT).
      I don’t feel what Sterling said had anything to do with him not be able to handle his position (which he’s done for some time) I feel it had EVERYTHING to do with him not be able to HANDLE his PERSONAL life which POURED into his PROFESSIONAL being. Again, I feel WE should FOCUS on OUR LIVES, PRAY FOR THOSE WITH THE SPOT LIGHT ON THEM & KEEP IT MOVING…..WE SHOULD BE SO CONSUMED WITH DOING US (Whether it’s family, encouraging, lending a helping hand, ect.) that when we hear FOOLISHNESS we DON’T HAVE TIME to ENTERTAIN IT AT ALL…..Thanks again for you input on todays post….Take care 🙂


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