I may be giving my age away here, but how many of you actually remember being a kid and holding hands with your buddies in a circle, skipping round and round singing, “Ring around the rosie, a pocket full of posies; ashes, ashes…we all fall down!” I sure do! Our parents or preschool teachers taught it to us and it was just innocent fun and something to play to stay active and occupied. I don’t even remember if there was an actual point to the game (lol) I just remember it was fun. 
     Well, I was recently hired to create a children’s song for private school choir recital. As I was writing it, I had a moment where I needed some nostalgic inspiration to motivate me along the way. So I did some research and began looking up old children’s songs. ‘Ring Around The Rosie’ was one of several classics that came up and in Google search, I started seeing a bunch of cross references to the plague, death, and cremation. I was baffled, so I clicked on Wikipedia and a few other links to read more. Oh boy, was I surprised by what I discovered about the true orientation of the song. Check out this quick video to see what I mean:  
     Were you as shocked as I was? All I know is when I found out all this information, it got me thinking about how often are we saying (& doing) things and have absolutely no idea what we are actually talking about (or doing). Think about it!

-How many times have you caught yourself singing songs because you love the singer, really like the music beat, or even think the lyrics are cute, just to find out later, you were clueless to the true meaning of the words in the context in which the singer used them. Example: Beyonce’s ‘Drunk In Love’. A friend of mine told me last week that she just found out what the lyric, “I been drinkin’ watermelon” actually meant. She had to school me because I also had no clue, (but I wasn’t a fan of the song anyway, so I wasn’t singing it at the top of my lungs with the windows down at red lights like she was, lol). Well, I won’t go into what it actually means in this song, but uh…let’s just say it has nothing to do with the actual fruit.
What about…
-How often have you stood up for (or even talked down about) someone based on the information you’ve heard…based on what you think you know because of their social media ‘persona’, etc. only to discover you were so off-base about their true character, purpose, or intent?
-How crazy did you feel when you decided to start ‘healthy eating’, only to discover many of the foods you originally thought were healthier choices actually were not? Example: When I stopped eating pork bacon and started eating turkey bacon in it’s place and later found out that the sodium content in turkey bacon is triple the amount of pork. Or when I found out how unhealthy farmed-raised fish can be and why it’s so important to eat fish that’s wild-caught instead. 
-How embarrassed were you when you shared/posted a story from what you thought was a legitimate news source, only to find out it was indeed satire?
The list goes on.
My point is, everything that sounds good, isn’t good. Just because it’s popular doesn’t make it worthy to repeat. Just because you have information about something/someone, doesn’t mean you have all the information. Just because it states, “studies show”, doesn’t mean it’s an accurate study. Just because you know and love the person who said it, doesn’t make their word flawless and without bias. The same way that I was seeking inspiration to write a song, while being clueless about the original meaning of the lyrics of ‘Ring Around The Rosie’, is the same way we often approach life in general. 
     *We often seek inspiration from people we don’t know. We seek biblical guidance from folks that we actually have no clue about their personal walk with Christ. We seek advice from ‘life coaches’ who we’re unaware of their own relationship matters.*
We’re essentially nuts for this!!!  
God calls us to be aware and alert at all times to not fall prey to the devil’s traps. The enemy is always looking for a crack in our armor to have us looking foolish, stupid, or uniformed in the eyes of non-believers. My blog today is a reminder to every believer who reads this, that we are held to a higher standard! Let’s just do our part to strive to go the extra mile to know what we are saying from our mouths and what we are doing from day to day. By seeking our answers from the Word/God, digging deep and researching for ourselves, it forces us not to rely on the answers and validation of others.
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