My Struggle With Squeeezzziinng God in My Schedule

I am literally writing this post with fifteen minutes to spare on this Thursday.  It was not for lack of ideas…I had great titles throughout the day (“Get Out Yo’ Feelings” was leading the pack of possibles.  My struggle is the one I always run into: time.  I often write about my battle with time because honestly…I don’t have enough!  Even with a schedule, I feel like there is always a surprise.  The biggest surprise today: walking in the house, pooped, at 11:30pm to see my puppy got in the trash and graffiti’d my floors and couch with spaghetti sauce and dinner from two days ago.

There are times when I feel like I am reducing God to a business meeting.  And while I have my daily prayer time and continual prayers with Him throughout the day, I still have moments where I feel like: this isn’t enough.  So if this is you, I offer the following:

1) It is quite possible that I am thirsting for more of Him because there is more on my plate.  God really is my number one counselor and consultant.  With so much on my plate, I actually find myself seeking Him before any decision, no matter how small.  It may not be a formal prayer, but 30 seconds in the ladies room to just regroup and seek His face can have the same impact as a five minute prayer.  The bigger the vision, the greater the necessity to consult the Designer of provision.

2) God is the Creator of time; even when we miss opportunities of meditation and praise, He will always be available for fellowship if we seek Him.  I also believe He honors our heart’s desire to make Him a priority, even when our schedules (and puppies) try to fight us.

I want to honor my day and not run over.  But I thank God that it is never too late to “fit” Him in.  Hope your Thursday was a good one!


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