"Security"…2 Have or Not 2 Have that is the ???


Hebrews 13:5-6.”Security comes in Jesus and if we remain in Him by faith, we need not worry about anything or anyone.”

I have run across men/woman old/young that are simply NOT happy with their lives. Some of them it could be their marriage/relationship that brings upon this unhappiness; however, it also ranges as far as not being happy with their LIVES in general (Jobs, bills, friends, family) and the LIST GOES ON. At the end of the day all of this UNHAPPINESS falls back on a lack of security within themselves and MOST IMPORTANT the lack of SECURITY they have in JESUS.

I remember (BC=B4 Christ) Monisha would fall apart when my husband (previously my son’s father) and I would break up (In our teenage yrs…MANY MANY yrs ago LOL) or have ISSUES in our relationship, I would feel like my life was over. You…..YES YOU know what I’m talking about that feeling…

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