30 Random Ways To Show God You Love Him

I’ve been thinking about my mom a lot, especially coming off of Mother’s Day weekend where I didn’t get to talk to her because of the time difference (she lives in Korea). I must say, I thoroughly enjoyed seeing all of your Instagram, FB, and Twitter dedications to your moms, sharing with the world how incredible your mom is. I too took to social media to share my mom with you all, posting a simple “If I’m just half the woman she is, then I’m ok!”- I wanted to expand on that however. My mom is literally the most selfless person I momknow, always putting others’ needs before her own. I have watched this woman my entire life, give everything she has to her children, her adopted children, and anyone who needs something that she crosses a path with. I’ve also watched my mom take time to grow in her own faith, by spending lots of time with God, in conversation and listening to Him. I know that I am where I am today BECAUSE of my mothers prayers and authentic relationship with God. I am so lucky to have such a great role model of what it means to really live like Christ and act in such a way that shows God her true love for Him.

Matthew 24-31 is one of my favorite parables, where Jesus teaches us just be nice through acts of kindness. I especially love verse 40 which says,  “Truly I tell you, whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers and sisters of mine, you did for me.” It reaffirms that the deeds we do in this lifetime (whether good or bad) are all a reflection of how we feel about God. I always knew my mom loved me because of the things she DID for me, similarly we should be able to show God we love Him through our actions. So to inspire you to start SHOWING God that you love Him, here are 30 random actions that you can take TODAY! I’d love to have folks add to this list, so feel free to comment as you feel moved. Otherwise, have a great summer being nice and drawing closer to God.

30 Random Ways to Show God You Love Him:

  1. Break a 10 dollar bill into singles, and carry it solely for the purpose of handing it out to our homeless brothers and sisters.
  2. Join and ACTIVELY participate in a ministry at church. Can’t find the one that suits you? Start your own!
  3. Keep a small notebook with you or download a prayer app to keep track of prayer requests that come up during the week.
  4. ACTUALLY PRAY on those requests.
  5. Download a bible app or carry a small bible with you and whip it out when times get tough.
  6. Start a daily bible reading plan, maybe even with a group of friends so you’re held accountable in reading.
  7. Spend the first 5 minutes of each day in prayer and reading a daily devotional.
  8. Spend the last 25 minutes of each day writing and reflecting and praying on the good things that happened that day, even if it’s just the meal you received.
  9. Call or text a friend in need and offer help.
  10. Literally stop and smell the roses and then thank God for your limbs and senses in perfect order.
  11. Put your favorite gospel song or playlist on repeat and just worship for an hour. I mean GO ALL IN.
  12. Spend 15 minutes in complete silence, and just, be. Allow God to SPEAK to YOU!
  13. Randomly open the bible and read the section you open to. Take a few notes and reflect.
  14. Tweet or post a positive mantra every day, mine is “Good Morning. Follow Jesus Christ today!” Feel free to steal it lol.
  15. Host your own service project. Maybe make 50 bagged lunches and hand them out to our homeless family. Be sure to wash your hands first. Wanna take it a step further? Include a nice note in each one.
  16. Volunteer one Saturday of every month in a food kitchen, juvenile detention center, center for special needs children/adults, or at a homeless shelter.
  17. Consider becoming a foster parent or at the very least mentoring a child.
  18. Write a love letter to God.
  19. Write a song for God.
  20. Fast for God- not just when you need something, but to just show Him you love Him.
  21. Visit a random church, and if you’re bold enough, by yourself.
  22. Bring a friend or colleague to your church.
  23. Buy a pack of “thinking of you” cards and write a sweet note, including your favorite bible verse, and hand them out, to strangers or kin.
  24. Randomly pay for a strangers’ meal.
  25. Collect all your unused items and donate them to a local shelter.
  26. This one is hard- choose your most prized possession and give it away to someone who could perhaps use it more than you.
  27. Tithe.
  28. Randomly pick up trash in your neighborhood and surrounding area. Let God know you love and appreciate the world He took time to create.
  29. Recycle.
  30. Evangelize. This doesn’t have to be a big production either. Simply buy a case of miniature bottled waters, tape a message of Witness to that bad boy, and hand them out on a hot day this summer. Don’t forget to smile 🙂
Let’s get to it!
Until next week,


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  1. boldandfab says:

    Love Love Love this list! Sharing! Thank you.Celine ❤

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