Shaking My Head…Real Hard!

May has started off very interesting for me. It’s kind of like, 2014 started off entirely too flawless for me, so ‘the universe’ has officially conspired to get me up to speed or something. I’m telling y’all…it’s been one blow after the next. If I was in a transparent mood, I would share specifics, but I’m not so I digress. Honestly, at this stage, details are a tad irrelevant; but just know, I’ve faced some challenges so far this month. 


     Don’t get me wrong. I’m not complaining…not much good that will do. I’m just taking it all in…accepting what is. The bottom line is, I believe God has been trying to get my attention for a minute now and He has to cause major shake-ups in order to get the kind of attention from me He desired. Oh, I’m not referring to the reading the Word, praying, blogging, and playing my worship music type of attention; I’m talking about the, I want you to cancel your lunch meeting and head to the throne, fast…the biblical way, and worship like your very life depends on it


     One thing about God…HE IS THE MASTER of all. He knows EXACTLY what strings to pull to bring about complete surrender because unfortunately, we don’t ‘usually’ go as hard as we should without a particular ‘prompting’.



     So today, I just want to minister to anyone going through a season of trial(s). Whether it’s related to health, family, finances, relationship/marriage, faith, or anything else; you must remember that trials are inevitable. Every now and then, we will face the unexpected thing(s) that will take our breath away and knock us off of our feet.


This isn’t a fairy tale or a rehearsal. This is life & it’s REAL!! 


Just remind yourself of FIVE things real quick: 

1) You don’t get a do-over. Meaning, you don’t get two earthly lives. As much as I want to return as a pampered Beagle…it’s simply not going to happen. Although you’re going to make mistakes, live each day knowing it could be your last. That knowledge should affect how you speak, act, treat people, and spend your time; it should affect everything you do. 


2) Bad things DO happen to good people. Regardless, God is STILL GOD!!! Stop allowing these situations to make you question His sovereignty. Stop being consumed with guilt and sadness. “I could’ve done more to help.” “Why didn’t I see the signs?” I should’ve gone to the Doctor sooner.” Realize that you are NOT in control…of anything! 


3) You don’t have all the answers…why pretendTry saying, “I’m not sure.” I promise, the world will not end because of it. It’s actually liberating. Trust me on this!


4) Learn to accept things for what they are. Reading into things is as dangerous as flat-out denial. 

5) No one has a perfect, problem-free life…NO ONEListen, even the most self-proclaimed, transparent Christians aren’t telling you EVERYTHING. Quote me on that. Stop believing everything you see & think; believe God instead. Period. 


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2 Responses to Shaking My Head…Real Hard!

  1. This was for me! You have no idea how challenging these past few months have been. One blow after the other and I’m still in the midst but this blog right here was major encouragement! Thank sis! Can we link up soon please?? Love you!

    • Jocelyn "iNDIGO" Saunders says:

      Praise God it spoke to you luv. As far as linking up, I inboxed you on FB about it but you never replied. We’re LONG overdue. Love you more.

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