Blank Stare

maya3All day, since the news of Maya Angelou’s death broke, I’ve been toiling about whether to blog about her today. In actuality, her death hit me a lot harder than I could’ve imagined. First of all, I wasn’t expecting it so I was blind-sided. I hadn’t even heard she was sick. How do I write about the impact of such a soul within the first 24-hours of her death? I just don’t feel prepared to blog about this “Phenomenal Woman” today, so instead of simply blogging about HER, I’ll blog about how the news of her death affected me. 

     I felt emotional today…all day! Not in a crying sort of way, but in an introspective and reflective sort of way. The loss of Ms. Angelou honestly feels like the death of a generation’s consciousness. Not sure how else to explain it. Her quotes have been used and paraphrased for decades. Her grace…her wisdom…her intelligence…her willingness to be boldly seen and heard for the greater good of any she came across; where are those bold ones now?  Who of our pop culture “icons” is ready, willing, able, and equipped to step up to the plate where she left off? Sure we have Oprah (her Mentee) and the beautiful Michelle Obama, but who of my generation and younger? 
     I think that because of her death, I was forced to see the impact of her life on a grander scale, which caused me to really examine myself. How the heck do I begin to make an inkling of the impact she made in her life. She became the person she is revered to be, based off of her own steam…her personal activism, education/intelligence, artistic abilities, and pure passion. Not due to a silver spoon in her mouth or because of a reality show or any of avenues which give so many a platform in this day and age. 
     maya2I’ve been seeking from the heart today. It’s so weird how this blog goes hand in hand with mine from last week. I had no clue she would pass away but the topic of “consistency”…that was Ms Angelou for sure. Consistently growing herself….stretching herself in every area and it inspired, encouraged, and motivated us all. Just because we aren’t on her level, doesn’t mean we can’t make an indelible impact on our small piece of this world. We may not have the fame, but she didn’t start out famous, nor was that what she was seeking. But clearly, that platform was God’s plan for her. How will we all allow her life compel us to live? How do you plan to allow her legacy to motivate you going forward?
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1 Response to Blank Stare

  1. Vernon says:

    Wow! I went through those same feeling so I had to write about herself myself. What an inspiring woman. Thanks for sharing!

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