In our #GetToKnowUs series this week, the ladies of The Bold & The Fabulous, have been letting you in on some random facts you may not know about them. Well, it’s #WednesdayWithINDIGO, so it’s my turn!!!

1) I am a Horror movie junkie. Even the dumb ones entertain me. Shrugs. My mom & dad took me to see THE SHINING in theaters when I was a mere 5-years old (yes, they were crazy, lol). I’ve been hooked ever since…literally.the-shining-original

2) I’m an unapologetic introvert. I am social because I absolutely HAVE TO BE. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy time out (or in) with a few folks. I said I’m an introvert… I ain’t dead. But, if I I am given a choice to have to interact with folks (especially new folks) in a social setting, or sitting alone in a corner. I’d sit alone and observe. But better yet, I’d rather not be in a social setting at all. Feel me? lol. 

3) I am a Speeder. Yep, and apparently, there’s nothing I can do to change it. I simply CAN NOT drive the speed limit & my driving record over the past 20+ years is the evidence.

 Images For You

4) I’m a tomboy. I thought I would outgrow sneakers, and grow to love more ‘feminine’ style clothes/shoes, but the bottom line is, it ain’t happening. I don’t know the real meaning of getting dressed up and have actually struggled with wearing appropriate attire for certain events. It actually used to bother me, but guess what…not any more. Clearly, at almost 40-years old, it is truly who I am and I’m GOOD WITH THAT! I don’t iron my clothes. I feel just as attractive w/ my ‘Cleo cornrows’ as I do with flowing tresses. I get more happy when I get a new pair of Chuck’s than mostly anything else. I hate flowers and hate the color pink.

5) I’m a dog lover. Sometimes, that term doesn’t seem like a title that quite captures thedogloverwedding love I feel for the K9 species. It stretches back as far as my memory does. I’ve been told by all the adults that were around me as a baby, that I never showed fear towards them…even the most vicious, I wanted to go hug and kiss. Most notably, on my wedding day… against everyone’s advice, I chose to get down on the ground in my wedding dress and play with a stray that walked up on me out of nowhere. “Girl…if you don’t get off that ground playing with that dirty dog!!!!” I had to give him the attention in that moment because HE CHOSE ME to approach out of the hundred people outside of the church that day. I felt honored! I haven’t been able to go longer than about three years without having one in my home/life. To me, they are God’s greatest gift to the human race. I actually have a “Dog Lover” doglovertatttattoo. My husband drew the tattoo based around the paw print of my Beagle; who unfortunately passed about a year after I had it done of a massive heart attack. 


6) I had surgery a little over a week ago…I actually blogged about it last week (check it out). Well, I had major complications due to them intubating me during surgery. The tube they put down my throat to assist with breathing (I’m asthmatic…that’s another fact about me, lol), well…it caused major trauma inside my throat. They probably didn’t take their time inserting it, but nonetheless, it really jacked me up. Understand, the actual surgery I had was in a completely different region of my body and was successful. I barely had any pain with recovery from the purpose of the surgery itself. Go figure! Anyhow, after two visits to two different emergency rooms due to severe sore throat accompanied by high fevers, and the inability to eat or drink ANYTHING for two days, the doctors FINALLY got to the bottom of what was going on. So from 7am until 5pm on this past Sunday, I was in the hospital being pumped full of steroids, and various antibiotics to fight off Staph/MRSA and other potentially life threatening infections. It was a scary ride, but praise God, I’m on the mend.


7) I call folks in my family who I’m closest to, out of their name…often by the title of their relation to me. I call all of my first cousins “Cuzin” and somehow, in a crowded room with them all, they know exactly who I’m referring to. I still can’t figure it out. lol. I call my husband “The Husband Guy”. I call my mother-in-law “MotherInLaw” and likewise with my Father-In-Law. I call my Uncles “Unc” and my Aunts “Auntie”. It’s strange, but it’s real.

8) Most of you know that I’m in the music field. For you who don’t, I sing professionally.graduateMe I’m a vocal coach and am the Lead Vocal Producer at a local studio. BUT, I’ve found that most don’t know that I am a college graduate as well. I have an Associates in Psychology from Montgomery College and a Bachelors in Sociology (Criminal Justice concentration) from Bowie State University.

9) My husband and I do not purchase or receive gifts on/for Christmas, nor do we put up a tree or decorations. Now that we are educating ourselves on how “Thanksgiving” came into being in this country, we are strongly considering pulling that off the shelf as well. Christmas is a day we use to uplift the name of Christ in our home. It is a celebration of Christ’s birth & what His sacrifice means to us as believers. Last year, we had a birthday cake in His honor that had “Happy Birthday Jesus” on it. We’ve been taking this approach to Christmas for the past 8-years and it works great for us. We are a lot less concerned about finances and nonsense like who we forgot to get a gift for, etc. It’s been very freeing for us.

10) I prefer texting over talking by phone. Wait…would this go in the Introvert category? lol.

Hope you guys enjoyed this small peek inside me. Feel free to chime in if you can relate to anything I listed.

Love you guys.

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  1. Stacie says:

    Totally get the Christmas thing. We’ve been doing it for about five years now. We did compensate for our children by giving them vacations and fun outings during Christmas break.

    Great post!

  2. Lisa Renee says:

    Yep. I knew all of this. Lol. And I am a fellow introvert. Sometimes I hate it, but whatever.
    Lisa Renee’

  3. Aw….fond memories of you, me and your dad enjoying popcorn and soda in that old theater downtown Charlottesville….oh….a few years ago, yeah! LOL! Happy memories. Also, you get that sci-fi stuff from he and I. Enjoyed reading — and of course, I knew all of this stuff. LOL! Love you. Mom

    • Jocelyn "iNDIGO" Saunders says:

      Thanks for reading Mom. You and Dad were crazy tho. Now that I think about it, I believe that was my VERY FIRST movie theater experience. Y’all were a lil’ different. But hey…I turned out ok!! lol

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