Nobody’s Poster Child: I’m Just Me

I’m an awkward soul, so for those who care to dive into the weird world of Ify, let’s go:


  • My full name is Ifeomasinachi Ike.  My first name is from James 1:17 “Every good and perfect gift comes from above.”  My last name in my parents’ tongue means “power.”  Right…no pressure to be great.
  • I used to be a kinda child stage kid, sang classical and oprah, and loved the taste of Communion wafers and wine (all the faults of a Catholic school upbringing). I was PigPen in the musical “You’re A Good Man Charlie Brown.” Really the only lead for a brown person.  No comment.
  • I’m ambidextrous (and I used to be a lot more ambi when I was younger):  This probably is why I am equally into the arts as I am books.  It is also probably why I am confused all the time.  But yup, if I ever messed up my right arm, I could technically get by with my left (although it would look kind of slanted…and sloppy…you may have to tilt your head a little).
  • I actually was considering getting my PhD in psychology before I went to law school.  How and why people communicate is fascinating to me.  I wanted to created a special discipline called “urban psychology,” to explore how communication norms are different based on environment and culture.
  • I am somewhat of a hoarder.  I get it from my parents, I think–especially my dad.  Everything has meaning…when I find out what each thing means, I will let you know.
  • The first experience I can remember knowing that God was real was when I was 5.  My Uncle Mike visited from Nigeria, and taught us a children’s gospel song that I couldn’t get out of my head.  I would sing it over and over (I still hum it once in a while) and every time I sang it, I felt closer and closer to God.  Some people’s first encounter with God is through pain…mine was through joy.
  • I was a major athlete growing up, and in my head that will never change (even though my belly says otherwise).  Yup, basketball, tennis, track, soccer for a season.  And don’t sleep on marching band! My knees are 65 years old.
  • I have gone through many trials, but God… I am more and more comfortable talking more about my trials than my achievements.  I am not a spokesperson for perfection.  I’m evidence that if you keep sticking with Him, He’ll keep sticking with you.

I think that’s good for now…until the next #GettoKnowUs Series



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