You Don’t Know Me MAAAAAAAAAN….^_*

“Suspecting and knowing are not the same.”

~Rick Riordan~


 My beautiful sisters of the B&F thought is would be a great idea to “step out of our COMFORT ZONE” and share a few things about us that our weekly readers may not know. You may THINK you KNOW but you have NO IDEA…..Let’s Do This ^_^

Some of you may know that I was raised with one sibling brother whom was killed by mistaken identity in 1993; however, I bet you didn’t know I had an older sister that passed away from crib death. Her name was Stephanie Lloyd she was the eldest child of my parents union. I sometimes wonder how different I would be had my big sister been alive^_^.



I have been in the pharmaceutical field for well over 15yrs and love what I do BUUUT I am also a licensed Realtor that had a successful streak years ago. My license isn’t “Active” with an agency; however, I do plan on dibbling back in that area in the NEAR FUTURE^_* (I’ll always keep that to FALL BACK ON).

I LOVE LOVE LOVE cereal (GOLDEN CRISP) and I eat a bowl EVERYDAY when I come home from work (My sugar fix). Sometimes when I’m at work I’ll say “I’m gonna go home and…..My co workers will finish the sentence by saying “& eat me a bowl of cereal…LOL). I’m not a vegetarian but I VERY VERY rarely eat red meat ACTUALLY hardly EVER. I also NEVER EVER drink soda only water & SOMETIMES my kids sip ups ^_^.

I am a sports FANATIC and actually played basketball from the age of seven until my junior year of high school (My last game was the championship game at PG community college BTW I was 6 months pregnant with my “SECRET PREGNANCY” at the time). AAU, summer league, tournaments out-of-town and regular season was my ENTIRE LIFE and to add to all that “FUN” my father was my coach ON EVERY SINGLE TEAM (STALKER…LOL).

I’m a lefty….YUP! I write with my left hand and can’t even hold a pen with my right hand. However, I do EVERYTHING else with my right hand….FUNNY RIGHT? Even when I’m at work doing IV’s I have to align everything I need in the IV hood to the left but I put my trashcan on the right because my strongest hand is what I go to for throwing things in the trash.

My natural hair color is a sandy brown (I have been dying my hair since I can remember oriental black). My daughter Kobe and eldest son Brian got my sandy brown hair whereas Kash (MY ONLY CHILD THAT LOOKS LIKE ME) has black hair….MAYBE IT WAS THE DYE LOL!!

Last thing…..I’m a VERY EMOTIONAL person but HARD CORE  when it comes to MY LIFE. Let me give you an example….I get VERY emotional when I watch “American Idol” or “The first 48” I swell up like it’s MY LIFE. On the flip side it takes A LOT for me to GET IN MY FEELINGS about things related to ME or MY LIFE and when it comes to me SHOWING MY FEELINGS it rarely happens UNLESS I’m PASSIONATE about you or the situation…..*Shrugs Shoulders* I’m a work in process.

That’s all for NOW……I hope this has INVITED YOU into MY WORLD so until next time…….Mwuuuuuuuuah!

~Fridays w/ Monisha~






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1 Response to You Don’t Know Me MAAAAAAAAAN….^_*

  1. Kendra says:

    Glad to know a little more on my sistah! I love you so much(which is crazy I know,since we hardly speak in person)! Muah!!

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