Top 5 Signs You’ve Found The Right Job (or the Right One Has Found YOU)

So you guys and gals know that for the last month or so I’ve been transitioning in my career. In other words, I am actively seeking employment lol and in this process (which I totally trust God in) I’ve been able to see what it is that really feels great in searching for a job, or better yet in a JOB searching for you. That’s right, you read that correctly; in which even I’ve been reluctant to sit back and allow God to bring the right job my way. But what I’ve been learning in this process that I wanted to share with you all is that finding a job is a LOT like finding a partner. Sometimes the right opportunities (much like the right partner) seem to find you when you least expect it. As I trust God in helping to usher me into my next big break, there are so many signs that look and feel very similar to a positive courting experience. So for today I’ve outlined the top 5 signs you know you’ve found the right job, or the right one has found you. I’d love to hear your thoughts so feel free to chime in! Also, just a forewarning that this may not be laced in bible verses much like my other pieces, however this has VERY MUCH been an experience only God could have walked me through so just know He is ALL UP IN this blog.

Here you have it, the Top 5 Signs You’ve Found The Right Job (or the Right One Has Found YOU):

5. They spend time getting to you know YOU.

datingThe best part of courting (aka dating) in my humble opinion is definitely the “getting to know you” phase where you and your potential partner can literally talk all day and night learning new things about one another. This is the time where you go above and beyond showing your interest in that person by spending time asking deep and thoughtful questions. I’ve learned in the job hunt that if a job really wants YOU, they’ll first spend lots of time getting to know you. Yes this may come in the form of an interview, but should really also be casual conversations that include thoughtful questions that really dig deep into who you are as a person rather than what you can offer the company.

4. They invest in you early on.

So of course the next phase in courting normally involves some kind of outing (or hopefully several) where you and this cutie-pie crush hang-out doing awesomely-fun things together such as going to see a movie, dinner, or going to a bookstore and shopping for a new book (or is that just my ideal date lol?). Nonetheless, in this stage we (speaking for my ladies) are able to assess a partner’s level of interest in us based on what they invest early on. Please know an investment does not ALWAYS have to mean money. Well, the same is true for a company that truly wants you. In the last few weeks I’ve had potential employers spend money in bringing ME to THEM so that we could meet face to face, which is a HUGE sign that they really are taking me seriously. If they’re not willing to invest in you early on, it may not be right for you.

3. They invite you to meet the team.


One of the most nerve-racking experiences in the courting timeline is that moment where he wants you to meet his friends, because after all its about impressing them too, no? While I think most men simply want to show you off if he’s really feeling you, I also think he’s considering you seriously enough to take it up with his closest confidants in efforts to gain their opinion and ultimately support in making it official. I believe the same rings true for a potential job offer. Most companies who are seriously interested in you are going to wanna show you off and perhaps gain support around making an offer official from their teammates. Again, something that I’ve experienced firsthand in the job hunting process which I’ve absolutely appreciated because not only do they get to asses YOU but you get to asses THEM. Often times we can get a good gauge on the values that people hold to be true based on whom they are surrounded by.

2. They give you the right space and time.

So if you’re anything like me, it’s likely we get afraid real quick when things start feeling like they are moving too fast lol. So sometimes a little space and time allows us to really clear our hearts and mind and create a place for God to truly speak and for us to truly discern. The same applies to any job opportunity that pursues YOU. If it’s real, they’ll allow you as much space and time as you need to process and make a good decision moving forward. If they’re pressing you to give them a quick answer, they may not be right for you.

  1. They do everything in their power to get you.

And finally, I’ve learned that the number one sign someone is interested in you FA REAL fa real, is in the actions they take to seal the deal. Are they sending you randomly awesome gifts (big or small, it’s the thought that counts)? Are they consistently communicating with you (beyond a text message)? Do they show support for you in the areas you need the most support in? Are they willing to help develop you into a better person? These are all the same questions you can ask yourself in considering a job opportunity that really, truly WANTS YOU! I know we’ve been taught to send a potential employer a thank you note after meeting with them, which is actually still very good practice, HOWEVER don’t ever forget you too deserve to be wooed because after all, they want you right? Have they sent you a thank you email for YOUR TIME? proposal1

I know some of these may seem like a stretch, but again I only write from a place that I’ve experienced so please know your experience could and may be a little different. I still want to encourage you to remember how talented and wonderfully you were created and never forget your worth to a potential company. You have talents and skills that no one else on this planet has and for that reason alone, there is a perfect job waiting and looking for you specifically. So when they start their hunt and begin to pursue you, hopefully you can keep some of these things in mind.

Love yall!



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    Wow sis. You broke this one ALL-DEE-WAY-DOWN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The comparison to interest/relationships… YAAAAASSSSS!!! #creative

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