I’ve Stopped Running

Felt-Like-RunningI’m a runner. Well I used to be. It’s been a while. Ever since I had my daughter I rarely run unless it’s on the treadmill. I do miss it at times, especially on a nice sunny day with a cool breeze. My last marathon was 7 years ago…but I don’t want to talk about physical running today. I’m a runner in spirit. When situations in life get uncomfortable, instead of meeting some issues head on, I would run. Celine has left the building…

A line from the Juice soundtrack has stuck with me over the years. It’s from Naughty by Nature’s Uptown Anthem – “No matter where you go, there you are.” And it’s funny how in doing some research on this subject I found out that it’s also from one of my fun childhood movies – Buckaroo Bonzai…but anyway…


Let that sink in for a minute – NO MATTER WHERE YOU GO, THERE YOU ARE.

You can’t run from yourself. The reason the same issues show up repeatedly in our lives is because we haven’t taken the time to deal with them. Look within. Is there a matter that keeps coming up for you where the only common denominator is YOU? Ever feel like you keep encountering the same dead-end or brick wall? Don’t attempt to move on to the next relationship, job, church or other interaction until you’ve dealt with the matter, and identified how you should proceed differently next time.

When I surrendered to Christ, I decided to take my journey anew. No more running away when I feel uncomfortable. Allow myself to be stretched. Sometimes growth means pain. I’m willing to go through it, because I rest in God’s promise of a blessing on the other side of it. I now know that facing my issues when they arise, and allowing God to work them out on my behalf, work on me where I need fixing, healing, readjusting is so important to my personal growth and development.

God says to “Be still and know.” How else would I experience Him and His power at work in my life and on my behalf, if I never stick things out, wait and see, let Him handle it? At the weekly Bible study that I attend, it’s often repeated that doing things our own way causes us to miss out on God’s Plan A for our lives. He has a purpose and plan, but when I fail to use my Godly Positioning System, He ends up rerouting me back on course. With God’s backing and direction I can proceed with sure footing and confidence that I couldn’t on my own. Thank you, Lord for allowing legal U-turns!

Be Still And Know That I Am God

Spiritual discernment helps me to know when to leave, and when to stay and let the issue leave. Through prayer and trust, this being still thing feels so much better.

So I won’t be running anymore. I will seek God’s guidance on where and when to move. It’s in my best interest to BE STILL. ❤


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