Lessons For Vacation…

In over 17-years of marriage, my hubby and I have traveled to many vacation destinations/get-aways, domestic and abroad. Every marriage has things that are important to them, for their own reasons. For some couples it’s obtaining certain vehicles…for some it’s wearing certain clothes…for others it’s their children’s education…for some it’s investing…for many, it’s all of the above.


After my honeymoon in Cancun (Mexico), we established the importance that traveling out of our home area was to our union. We loved being somewhere we had never been and were elated about repeating that process somewhere new. Since 2012, we’ve visited Puerto Rico, New Orleans, Cape Town (South Africa) and even Detroit…YES Detroit!! lol. I’ve also done some girl-trips travel abroad as well. Fun times! Currently, I’m blogging from Martha’s Vineyard, MA. There is no area off limits for our excursions. We just like to take a time out from the norm to decompress, reevaluate, have fun, and get the heck out of Maryland!!!! I don’t think people realize how hard they work, until they take time off from doing so. We are in a constant rat race of making money, making it happen, making moves, etc. that we rarely have true undistracted time away to really hear one another through the noise of life.

Since I’m currently ON VACATION, I’m going to keep this short so I can get back to ‘vacay mode‘.

I’m going to list my top four things that determine happiness while vacationing:

1) There is no wrong way to vacation. What may work for you on vacation may not work for others… AND THAT’S FINE!!! Whether you’re on a group vacation or only with your spouse, just remember…as long as you are enjoying yourself, that is the main motivation. Don’t get caught up in things that aren’t important to YOU to pass the time, but also remember you’re not on a vacation alone so there may have to be some compromise involved.


2) If you’re stressed on vacation or in a bad mood you can’t snap out of…GO HOME!!! lol. Ain’t nobody got time for that…your spouse DEFINITELY don’t!!!

3) Be conscious of what you are spending and don’t apologize for being responsible. In a group setting, often times bringing up the topic of costs, may make others uncomfortable. Why? I have no clue. But nonetheless, you stay the course. You are on vacation. The other 51-weeks of the year, you don’t want to be regretting money choices you made for a week of your life. If you spent $30 on a burger, fries, and a soda at a particular place and enjoyed it and would do it again, it’s okay to let others in the group know that. In the same token, it’s okay to also let them know the prices in case they may have had Five Guys prices in their mind. It’s actually very considerate to do so.

4) Since I’ve been saved, devotion time has taken on a whole new meaning…especially on vacation. As believers, we must remember that God blessed us with the resources to travel. Giving Him time within your time away is not an option…no matter WHAT FUN IS TO BE HAD!!!

On that note, lata y’all. Love you all with the love of Christ!

*Wednesdays With INDIGO*

“Whatever your thing may be, set a precedent for what brings you joy.” ~Me meMontreal


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  1. ‘Nough said! I love this!

  2. ‘Nough said! I love it.

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