I’m About To Blow Up……Booooom!

“You don’t choose your family. They are God’s gift to you, as you are to them.

~Desmond Tutu

familyUnitedI’m about to BLOW UP with excitement about a family gathering I’m planning for a few of my cousins and I. You’re probably saying, “what’s the BIG deal”? Well I HONESTLY can’t remember the last time my cousins and I have gotten TOGETHER since we’ve had children and some of us married (ALL OF US TOGETHER….IT’S BEEN A WHILE). Growing up we were a close-knit family in addition when my aunts (I have 5 Aunts on my mother’s side) got married the ADDITIONAL love was extended to their families. We never said on that’s so and so daughter or son, we said that’s our cousin…..We were FAMILY!

I specifically remember the “special” union I had with my cousin Latrice & Tonyce (though Tonyce was RATHER shy & kind of stayed out of our TROUBLE ^_*) because us three along with my brother (whom has gone to be with the Lord) spent the MOST time at our grandparents home in SE. We called ourselves the “Booger Snot Buddies” LOL (Gross right…..I LOL every time I think of that CREW). The fact that ALL of our parents were still growing we spent a TON of time together…..a bound and memories that have been on my heart lately. Then, our baby cousin Shawntise came into the picture just a CHUNKY bundle of joy (with DEEP dimples & a GREEN bottom…she’s gonna kill me^_^). Shawny (is what we nicknames her) was also my Godsister so we always referred to each other as sister/cousin and were raised as close as sisters can be (she also joined us in our childhood memories at my grandparents home).

As years passed I still remained VERY close with my “Booger Snot Crew” Lol; therefore, once their mother (my Aunt) married there was 3 more cousins added to the family (YUP….WE DEEP). Though they lived which at that time seemed across the world (Silver Spring) I still spent a ton of time with my cousins and though it was always cramped it was a GREAT TIME. It was us along with our cousin Derrica who also joined the fun-filled weekends (All 7 of us are within 4yrs of each other….I THINK) again memories and bonds that still remain.

I can’t leave out my cousin Michael (now remember these are my memories of the closeness I’ve had with my cousins growing up) from PHILLY^_^ He along with my brother (who I might add Michael looks JUST LIKE…..It’s SCARY) were the males of my memory. Though VERY DISTANT in miles Michael and I were very close actually he was more like a brother (especially when mine was murdered). I can remember that as SOON as I started driving I was on that road going to visit cousin Michael (I had the drive down to a science LESS THAN 2hrs TOPS^_* VROOOOM LOL).

My Aunts also added MANY MANY more younger cousins throughout the years that I love VERY DEARLY. Years have passed and ALL of our lives are VERY different BUT the SAME…..Husbands, wives, kids, work & THE LIST GOES ON; therefore, we don’t spend ANY TIME with each other (with the exception of Derrica, Shawny & I….We still have a CLOSENESS and live in the same area & Latrice travels back & forth to support the Carter 5). I MUST say I take FULL responsibility for MY PART in the distance and promised myself even if it’s twice yearly I want to spend more time with my cousins.

Ok….So now that you can see WHY I’m EXCITED about our cousin gathering ^_*

Today, I want to ENCOURAGE at LEAST ONE to remove the DISTANCE between yourself & family members this is JUST a START for me becaue life is TOO SHORT now I do understand if NO ONE understands you CAN & IT’S OK to LOVE from a distance BUT it’s ALSO GROWN & LOVING to GET TOGETHER every ONCE & A WHILE; however, I plan on placing myself & the Carter 5 back into the lives of those that HOLD NEAR & DEAR MEMORIES in my HEART. It ONLY takes a phone call it’s just like chess…..SOMEBODY HAS TO MAKE THE FIRST MOVE.


Be    Ready To Make The First Move

Be    Keeping Those Memories Going On Purpose With Purpose^_*

Be     Bold & Bring Your Family Together…..Start SOMEWHERE! 


“Fridays w/ Monisha”




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2 Responses to I’m About To Blow Up……Booooom!

  1. Jocelyn "iNDIGO" Saunders says:

    Our hearts are SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO in sync right now sis. Love it!!! I hope that your family get together is everything you hope and imagine it would be. Great blog. Love u.

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