Love it! or List it!

renovation“Surrender yourself to the LORD, and wait patiently for him…” Psalm 37:7

My daughter and I often watch this show together. It’s one where a family is struggling with the current structure or layout of their home and two experts come in. One expert is an interior designer who will work to makeover the current home in such a way that the owners would want to keep it and stay – Love it. The other expert is a real estate agent who seeks to find them a new home that meets their current needs and get them to List their existing home. We try to predict what the homeowners will do based on what the experts are doing. Most of the time they LOVE and keep their existing home, pleased with what the interior designer did with their needs and her vision within the limits of their budget, of course…What was once a home of stress and discord, is now renewed and refreshed.

I’ve often cried out that my home needs that interior designer’s expertise. She’s on my wish list. However, I’d love to see what she’d do if she had an unlimited budget. I’d love a new kitchen, French doors to replace my annoying sliding glass doors, a steam shower and sauna, new closet system…Okay, I digress. One could dream…

What I find annoying about some homeowners on the show is that they nitpick the expert. Nitpicking the real estate agent is understandable because he’s trying to get a feel for their non-negotiables. However, when they fight with the designer, I just shake my head. They’ve got an expert who has their list of demands and is willing and able to give them the best bang for their buck; making their existing home better. If you’re comfortable in your current home for the most part a makeover with the right touch could be enough to get you to stay and avoid the hassle of packing, unpacking, adjusting to a new location, etc.

That situation got me to thinking about the renovation of my life by God. Do I nitpick the master interior designer? Doesn’t He know me and my needs better than I know myself? Well, yes. So why not let Him have a go at making over my life? How’ve I been doing on my own? It’s been hit or miss, more misses than hits…

“Instead of trying harder you must trust more.” – Rick Warren

This may seem like a recurring theme, but you’re on my journey and it’s on instant replay in my life these days. Wait, Be Patient, That’s Not It, This Needs More Work… I’m seeking and finding just what I need right now to give me confidence in my surrender to the master designer. Humbly admitting that I don’t know what I’m doing in some areas can be hard, but I’m swallowing my pride. I want better for my daughter and myself. Letting go of my control and just putting my trust in Him is constantly tested. At times I get specific in my demands, but then realize I need to pull back on the specifics and ask for His guidance and expertise. Recently I read that God can bless a mess, but why not ask for His guidance and blessing BEFORE making decisions and BEFORE making a mess? I don’t see all that He sees and know all that He knows. I’m just living my life, He knows what He intended it for and what I need to do to live out its purpose…All the more reason to ASK questions instead of proceeding blindly. I’ve got unlimited access to THE Expert.

So yes, there are things that I want for my life, but I want what He thinks I need more. I don’t want to settle for my “good” and miss out on his “great.” The controlling spirit in me wants to nitpick, but I’ve been humbled. I’ve made the wrong decision enough times to admit that I don’t know anymore. So yes, I’ve said, “Jesus! Take the wheel!” And I mean it wholeheartedly. It hurts at times. I cry and feel uncomfortable and pained, but I have to remember what my Lord went through. Jesus even said it at Mark 14:36, “Father, everything is possible for you. Please take this cup of suffering away from me. Yet I want your will to be done, not mine.” Can I do that? Say, even if you choose to allow my suffering for your purposes, I’ll take it? Jesus knew that it would end for the greater good of all involved, as I know the same.

Having my life renovated from the inside out by THE MASTER DESIGNER, I will Love it! ❤3-9-2014-Celine

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