That moment you run out of gas pulling into your own driveway.
No, that isn’t a random sentence… it really happened to me today!
I’ve had my own car since I was seventeen and have never run out of gas before. I mean, it just is one of those things that are completely avoidable; and unless your gas hand is malfunctioning, you can clearly see how much gas your car has at all times. So how the heck did I run out of it and how did I manage to be pulling into the driveway of my home when it finally conked out on me?
Don’t worry, I have the answers for you. But along with the answers, there are a few lessons here I must impart:
1) Since I am one of the ten people left on the planet who pays my bills with checks, I often place the envelopes I need to drop in the mail in the speedometer area of my car, as a reminder to self. It’s a system that has always worked for me. Well, today…that system actually caused me a problem because it ultimately caused an obstruction of my view to the gas hand. 
     Sure, there is the simple lesson of not allowing things to obstruct your view from your dash in your car, but the question I found myself asking was, “Why didn’t I think to look at the gas hand at all ALL DAY LONG?” I mean, c’mon. I’ve been driving for 20+ years. Shouldn’t it be second-nature to look at how much gas I have? Today taught me, how much I rely on what I can see to make decisions, and let me tell y’all…it scared me a bit. We get so comfortable having everything we need at our fingertips and visible to us that we very often don’t use the basic intuition and instincts that God has given us.
     Taking it a step further, pertaining to God’s Word…we are to have that in our hearts. If we don’t have physical access to our Bible to reference regarding a particular issue, we should not stand mute with lack of knowledge simply because we can’t see with our eyes. The foresight to decipher the correct action in various scenarios have everything to do with what should be second-nature to us as believers.

2) Also, today reminded me that there is a first time for everything. Hopefully, it will be the last time for this one!

3) Lastly, if you recall from the beginning of this blog, I said I ran out of gas in my home driveway. As I was getting off the beltway, about 5-miles from my house, my car started to sputter as I hit the gas. I had no clue what was happening and being low on gas never once entered my mind. I just thought maybe my car was in the beginning stages of overheating or just whack and about to break down on me. I was nervous and kept pressing hard on the gas between the sputters. Within that 5-mile span home, I passed two gas stations!!! All I was focused on was getting home.

     As I turned onto my street, the sputtering stopped and the car literally coasted into my driveway. I sat there in my car just calling out to God…thanking for allowing me to make it home safely. I was about to call my husband to tell him the car broke down, when it hit me like a ton of bricks… “OH MY GOD…Did I run out of gas?” I removed the envelopes from the dash, put the keys in the ignition & turned it to the battery on position. That’s when I saw the gas hand was way far under the E!!
     It’s so funny how God allows His grace to be shown. He allowed me to get home y’all…in my own driveway!!!! Even in what can be a tricky situation, He still shows off!!! His glory shines so bright. I had at least two other stops I felt like I needed to make before I finally decided against it and went straight home instead. Those stops would’ve had me not in the safest of areas. Some folks call it a coincidence…not me. I’m a believer of Christ and have faith in Him and Holy Spirit inside me, and know He is CONSTANTLY working on my behalf. And I’m glad about it today! 
Remember whose you are. My running out of gas today served as a beautiful reminder of that for me. I pray this blesses you today. Love y’all.

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